Why Do Bass Boats Have Carpet?

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Did you know that some bass boats also have carpets? Not that you’re going to mistake a bass boat for your living room, but the fact that some of them have carpet is pretty neat. But, why do bass boats have carpet?

Bass boats have carpets to provide comfort for your feet/knees and to provide you with a steady non-slip surface and also to help keep noise at a minimum, the carpet helps to absorb the noise and impact from the boat. While there are some cons to having a carpet on your boat, overall it’s a great feature and very common on new(ish) made bass boats as a standard. 

Do All Bass Boats Have Carpet?

Although it is not a 100% solid rule, the simple reality is that almost 100% of bass boats made nowadays are carpeted. In fact, mostly all of the bass boats made in the last two or three decades have been made with carpet.

Sure, you may find models that don’t have carpet, but these are very few and far in between.

Generally speaking, if you want a bass boat without carpeting, you will have to get one custom made or just have the carpet removed.

Seeing as nearly all bass boats come with carpet, it is fair to say that carpeting in a boat is probably fairly beneficial for more reasons than one. Let’s move on and find out exactly why bass boats have carpet.

3 Reasons Why Bass Boats Have Carpet

Bass boats have carpet not just because they look nice, but because carpets are very functional when it comes to fishing in such a boat. In fact, making your boat look nice is definitely not one of the reasons why it has a carpet in it.

Put it this way, a carpet in a fishing boat is not going to look nice for very long after it gets bait and fish guts all over it, which yeah, is something we will discuss in the pros and cons section. Not aside, there are three main reasons why most bass boats have carpet in them.

1. Stability

One of the reasons why bass boats usually have carpet is for safety reasons. The bottom of a bass boat, if it did not have a carpet, would be extremely slippery.

Moreover, the bottoms of bass boats are also completely flat. Furthermore, bass boats don’t have a very high edge or a real railing.

Next, bass live in waters that tend to have many obstacles, which means that if your boat hits an obstacle, you may slip and fall.

Well, a good carpet has the ability to provide you with short footing or in other words, it’s a surface that has a whole lot of traction that won’t cause you to slip and fall like a flat and slippery metal surface.

2. Comfort

The next reason why mostly all bass boats have carpet is simply due to comfort. When you spend all day standing around, walking and shuffling back and forth, it can take a real toll on your feet.

Just ask anybody who works in the service industry and has to spend anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day walking around.

Walking on a hard surface like that can be extremely painful for your feet. So, a nice soft carpet will help provide you with a bit of cushioning and impact absorption, thus keeping your feet and knees from becoming painful.

Moreover, bass fisherman often have to kneel down in their boats in order to grab a bass out of the water.

Of course, kneeling on hard metal is not at all comfortable, but kneeling on a carpet, although maybe not the most comfortable in the world, is definitely better than having your knees on solid metal.

3. Noise Reduction

The other reason why mostly all bass boats feature carpeted bottoms is because they help keep things a bit quieter.

Bass can spook quite easily, which is a big problem on a very quiet day. Yes, a bass may actually hear you walking around in your boat, which could be more than enough to scare it away.

That carpet on the floor of the bass boat helps to absorb that noise and impact. It’s all about reducing the vibrations and noises caused by those big feet of yours.

Pros & Cons of Carpeted Floors on a Boat

Of course, as is the case with mostly anything on this planet, there are both advantages and disadvantages to carpeted bass boats. Let’s first start off with all of the advantages and then talk about the disadvantages.

Keep in mind that the advantages of having carpet in a bass boat are really the same thing as the reasons why people put carpet in bass boats, so the Pros section is going to be kept fairly short.


  • The biggest advantage to carpeted bass boats is of course that it makes them much safer and can help prevent you from falling overboard by providing you with a non-slip surface to stand on.
  • The next advantage to having a carpeted bass boat is that it will help keep things quiet, so you don’t spook off potential catches.
  • The third advantage to having a carpeted bass boat is that it helps to keep you comfortable so that both your feet and your knees don’t become painful from hours of standing and/or kneeling.


  • One of the big drawbacks of carpeted bass boats is that they can become very hot. Those carpets are usually very dark in color, which in part is so that you can’t really see the stains on them, but with that being said, dark colors absorb sunlight well, and this means that things get hot in that boat.
  • Next, when that carpet gets wet, it is going to hold onto sand, dirt, and other such particles very well. However, when the carpet dries out and those particles dry out too, when your boat reaches high speeds, those particles can fly up out of the carpet and get into your eyes, nose, and mouth. It’s nasty and it can actually really hurt.
  • Another big disadvantage of having carpeted fishing boats is that they’re just very hard to keep clean. You’re going to end up spilling drinks and food on that carpet. You’re going to spill live worms and bait on it, and you’re probably going to get fish, guts, slime, and fish blood on it too. As you probably know, normal stains are hard enough to clean, let alone stains caused by fish blood and guts. Not only are these things hard to clean, but they also become very sticky overtime. If left untreated, a bass boat carpet can become hard, crusty, stinky, and just downright disgusting.

Bass Boat Carpet Replacement Options

If the carpet in your bass boat has seen better days, you can’t, of course, always pay to have it professionally replaced in a real bass boat shop.

With that being said, if this sounds too expensive for you, there are some other options that you can consider.

A Snap-in Carpet Kit

One option is a snap in boat carpet kit. These are kits that feature very easy to install carpet and are custom made to fit the proportions of your boat.

Special Paint

Another option here is to rip out the carpet and then paint the floor of your boat with special marine paint that comes complete with a very rough texture.

These special types of paint are UV resistant, they don’t corrode, and they are waterproof, not to mention that they can provide you with secure footing too.

A Truck Bed Liner

If you happen to have a pickup truck that you do have you lifting with, then you probably have some truck bed liners laying around.

Truck bed liners protect your pickup trucks bed from becoming scratched and damaged. These truck bed liners usually also feature a rough texture so that goods do not slip around.

Although it might not fit 100%, and although it might not look super nice, a truck bed liner does make for a very off affordable replacement alternative to real bass boat carpeting.

Do Saltwater Boats Have Carpet?

No, saltwater boats generally do not have carpet. For one, saltwater boats generally have higher edges in railings to prevent people from falling overboard, which means that a non-slip surface under foot is not nearly as important.

Moreover, saltwater produces its own challenges when fishing, particularly in terms of corrosion.

Simply put, a carpet that is constantly being bombarded with saltwater is not going to last very long.

It’s going to get salt stains and it’s quite literally going to start falling apart.

Moreover, saltwater fishing tends to be a lot messier than freshwater fishing, particularly in terms of all of that slime, blood, and guts, which would make a saltwater boat’s carpet just that much nastier and harder to maintain.



The bottom line here is that in the last 20 years nearly all bass boats made have carpet in them, and the reason for it is due to comfort, safety and noise reduction. Generally speaking, you really don’t want to buy a bass boat that doesn’t have a carpet.