Trout Fishing In The Rain Good Or Bad

Trout Fishing In The Rain: Do They Still Bite?

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Trout fishing, whether you are using a fly rod, a casting rod, or a spinning rod, can be very productive. Trout usually are not all that hard to catch, but does the weather affect this in any way? What a lot of people wonder is whether it is good or bad to fish for trout in the rain. After all, you might think that the rain will disturb the fish or make them skittish.

So is trout fishing in the rain good or bad? When it comes down to it, you really do not need to be afraid to trout fish in the rain. In fact, heavy rains will encourage trout to feed before flooding occurs. Yes, that is right, trout love to feed in the rain, and this therefore provides you with some great trout fishing opportunities.

trout fishing in rain

Let’s talk about this in some more detail to find out exactly what trout fishing in the rain entails.

How Does Weather & Rain Affect Trout Fishing?

What you definitely need to do before you go fishing on any given day is to monitor the weather quite closely, because yes, the weather can make a big difference in terms of the amount of trout you may be able to catch.

What you need to know here is that trout tend to be much more active during low lighting conditions, or in other words, when it is cloudy, and yes, when it rains it is obviously cloudy. Have you ever gone fishing for trout on a hot and super sunny day? Yeah, they all stick to the bottom where it is cooler.

Moreover, aerial predators such as hawks and eagles have great eyesight, and when it is sunny, they have a really easy time spotting trout and other fish. Trout know this, so they stick to cover and to deeper sections of the water in order to avoid predators on a sunny day.

However, rain and clouds will decrease visibility for a sky predator, and therefore when the sky pours down rain, trout are not nearly as worried about threats from above. Trout will stick to cover on a sunny day to avoid predators.

When it comes down to it, trout fishing during a heavy rainstorm is actually one of the most productive times to do so. For one, trout are not as worried about predators during rainstorms as they are when the weather is sunny, plus the heavy rain will also spur on the trout to look for food. Put these factors together and you have a great day to catch a heck of a lot of trout.

Light Rain

Now, if the rain is only light, it will still cause trout to be more active and come closer to the surface, but not as much as in heavy rains.

The rain will moderate the warm water temperature, which is one thing that helps bring trout to the top, but the cloud cover and rain may not be heavy enough to cause trout to go on a feeding frenzy or to not be worried about predators.

However, the time in between when the light rain stops and when the sun goes out is a good time to catch trout.

Heavy Rain

Yes, fishing in heavy rains might be a bit risky and dangerous for you, but when it comes down to it, it is also the best time to catch trout. When heavy rains begin, insects get washed into the water, and this means that trout see a big time feeding opportunity.

Moreover, when the heavy rain starts, there is also a lot of cloud cover, so the fish will not be too worried about predators either.

When it comes to trout fishing in the rain, worms are one of the best baits to go with.

Cold Rain

Something to keep in mind is that a cold rain is also beneficial for trout fishing. Cold rain will cool down a warmer river or stream, and this change in temperature will also trigger a feeding frenzy.

So, although fishing in the cold rain is not super enjoyable, it is a good time to catch trout.

Best Bait & Lures For Trout Fishing In The Rain

Let’s quickly take a look at the best types of lures to use when trout fishing in the rain. Using the right bait and/or lure here can make a heck of a big difference.


As mentioned above, when it rains, worms come out to play, and they often get washed into water, and trout love worms. So, if it is raining, using worms is a big trout catcher no doubt.

Dry Flies

Because insects often get washed into rivers, streams, and lakes when it rains, trout have gotten used to eating land based insects. Therefore, using dry flies as lures during rain is a great way to catch trout.

As long as the dry fly looks like something which the trout would usually find during the rain, this should work quite well.

We have covered 4 helpful tips to keep them floating over at this article here.


If where you are fishing allows for artificial lures, using a double or triple nymph rig is a great way to catch trout in the rain.

Always try to match the insects you are using to the ones which trout would usually see in the water.


You can always try going with a spinner too, especially when using other baits and lures has become unproductive.

Spinners grab a whole lot of attention and trout always seen to have trouble resisting them.

We have covered a separate article on the ideal baits for brown trout river fishing, you can check it out here.

Where To Find Trout In The Rain

Generally speaking, trout will sit in the same waters during the rain as when it is not raining, however this is not always so.

Trout will tend to stick to shallower waters, especially when those waters are calm and slow moving, as this is a good place for the trout to find food, mainly insects being washed into the water from the land.

However, when it rains, trout may roam more and will often leave cover because they are not as worried about predators.

Finding trout in the rain is actually quite easy, and yes, when it rains, if you are using a lure or bait that looks like something the trout would naturally find and eat, then you should have no problems getting bites.

A Word About Safety

Just pay attention to how deep and strong the waters are where you plan on fishing in the rain. Always wear high quality waders (we have reviewed some good waders here) and good boots with a great grip patter on the bottom.

Just always be aware of water depth and current strength before stepping into a river, or even more so, trying to cross through a river during heavy rains.

It’s also important to make sure you have the right clothing on whether it’s summer or winter, especially when wearing waders. We have covered a helpful guide on what you should wear here.

Lastly, if you are going fishing alone, then make sure a friend or family member is aware of where you are heading to, and take your mobile phone with you for emergencies too (it’s worth getting a waterproof cover too).

Conclusion: Can You Catch Trout In The Rain?

There you are guys, trout will bite in the rain, and yes, trout fishing in the rain is a good idea. When it comes down to it, it is one the best, if not the very best time to catch trout. Just make sure you are looking in the right places and using the right lures, and you should have no issues catching a few big ones.