Shimano Stradic ci4 4000 Review

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There is a lot of consideration that should be put into buying the right spinning reel. Chances are if you are searching for the next buy then you probably will come across the Stradic ci4 4000 but how does it measure up against the competition?

This is our Shimano Stradic ci4 4000 review that takes a in depth look at what this reel has to offer, the good and the bad to help you decide if it’s the right option for you (you can check the current price and more info on Amazon here).



The Stradic ci4 4000 is definitely one of the nicer looking spinning reels out there. It has a decent gear ratio, very high quality components, it’s durable and smooth, and has quite a lot to offer.

Let’s dig deeper into the features of the reel;

Bearings & Smoothness

For one, this particular spinning reel is very smooth. It comes with 6 very high quality ball bearings. These bearings are made with really nice materials and are specially made to resist corrosion, thus making them ideal for saltwater fishing.

These bearings have a high rating, and are therefore quite smooth no doubt. This allows for longer distance casting, as well as a smooth retrieval as well. On that same note, this spinning reel also comes with a single roller bearing in the handle, which makes for really smooth cranking.

Furthermore, the main gear of the reel is a Hagane gear made with a cold forging process. Not only is it very smooth to use, but also quite durable.

Gear Ratio & Retrieval

In terms of the gear ratio, it comes in at 4.8:1. This is a pretty decent gear ratio no doubt. It allows you to retrieve 30 inches of line with every single revolution of the handle. This is actually quite a bit of retrieval speed, which can definitely come in handy for some purposes.

For one, it’s good for fast action fishing where you need to reel the lure in very quickly. It’s good for fairly small fish that need to be reeled in with some speed. This also makes this reel ideal for finesse fishing where you need the lure to make lots of little movements.

It might not the best for very large fish that require a slower reeling approach, but other than that, this reel has a great gear ratio and retrieval speed.

Drag System

For one, the drag system here is made out of very high quality components. They are designed to withstand quite a bit of weight and pressure. At the same time, the drag system on this spinning reel is also designed to handle saltwater fishing applications. It is not about to rust or corrode anytime soon.

In case you were wondering what the maximum drag capacity of this reel is, it comes in at 24 pounds. Believe it or not, this is actually quite impressive. Many spinning reels top out at 10 or 15 pounds of maximum drag, which makes 24 pounds quite a bit.

This means that you can keep some fairly heavy fish on the line without having the line be pulled out on you. Of course, it’s also useful because if a fish applies more than 24 pounds of force in the opposite direction, the drag system will then release the line and thus stop it from snapping.

Line Capacity

In terms of monofilament line, this reel can hold 240 yards of 8 pound line, 200 yards of 10 pound line, or 160 yards of 12 pound line. As you can see, this reel does have a lot of line capacity which helps for long distance fishing. Although, you may have noticed that this reel is not built for very heavy line, which can be a drawback if you are going for larger fish.

When it comes to braided line, the Stradic ci4 4000 can handle quite a bit of it. On a side not, not many spinning reels out there are great for braided line, but this one is, which does set it apart quite a bit.

Anyway, it can hold 280 yards of 15 pound braided line, 170 yards of 30 pound line, or 150 yards of 50 pound line. Therefore, if you are looking to go fishing for large prey, this reel can handle lots of heavy braided line, therefore allowing you to reel in those big boys with relative ease.


Ci4+ is a special kind of material, a very lightweight carbon alloy, which the main body of this reel is made of. What is impressive is that it is so strong and durable, plus saltwater resistant too, yet manages to be very lightweight. The cold forged main gear is very durable as well.

Moreover, the Magnum Lite rotor is no slouch either. This spinning real does have sealed components, which helps to keep water out of the body, the gears, and the bearings. This is very important for saltwater fishing in order to stop corrosion.

All in all, the Shimano Stradic ci4 4000 is super durable and strong. It is meant to handle quite a bit of weight and pressure, not to mention that it has no problems with saltwater.

Balance & Weight

As we did just mention before, this reel is fairly lightweight for what it is. In fact, it is surprising that it is as lightweight as it is, considering the strong materials it is made of.

This reel comes in at just a little over 8 ounces. It’s not the lightest reel in the world, but far from the heaviest too. This definitely helps in terms of maneuverability and ease of handling, plus it helps stop fatigue too. It’s a reel that can be used for hours on end without tiring.

Also, this thing is made with a G-Free body, which means that all of the internal components have been centered. This translates to really good balance, something else which makes this particular spinning reel very easy to handle and quite maneuverable too.

It terms of weight and ease of use, this thing is definitely up there with some of the best of them.

The Handle

The handle on the reel is actually quite nice handle, made of the same material as the main body. The roller bearing in the handle helps keep thing smooth.

Also, it comes with a fairly comfortable plastic grip. On a side note, admittedly, the plastic grip is not super durable or impressive.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Saltwater ready.
  • Fairly fast retrieval rate.
  • High line capacity.
  • High maximum drag.
  • Good ball bearings.
  • Well balanced.


  • The handle is not the best.
  • Not ideal for super large fish.
  • Casting distance is not as good as it could be.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

An Alternative

Let’s quickly take a look at an alternative to the Ci4 4000, just to give you a reference point, as well as some choice too. A good alternative in our opinion is the Ultegra CI4+ 5500 XSC.

Yes, both of these reels do have some similar features, but there are also some major differences between the Stradic and the Ultegra.

First off, the Ultegra has a higher gear ratio with a faster line retrieval rate. It has a gear ratio of 5.3:1 and can haul in nearly 42 inches of line per handle revolution. In other words, it can reel in line much faster than the Stradic.

Next, the Ultegra weighs nearly 16 ounces, as opposed to the 8 ounces of the Stradic. Yes, it is twice as heavy, which is not the best in terms of fatigue or handling, but it does speak to the high level of durability which this thing comes with.

It’s made for reeling in those big fish and having lots of pressure applied to it without fear of breaking. It is worth noting that the Stradic has 1 extra ball bearing when compared the Ultegra, making the Stradic a bit smoother for casting and retrieval.

With that being said, the Shimano Ultegra does have a higher line capacity than the Stradic, both in terms of line length and test weight. The Ultegra can handle up to 425 yards of 10 pound line or 16 yards of 230 pound line, which is quite impressive no doubt.

You can see the current price of the Ultegra CI4+ 5500 XSC on Amazon here


When all has been said and done, and all of the factors have been taken into account, we do think that the Shimano Stradic ci4 4000 is a really nice reel. Yes, it does have a couple of minor drawbacks, but in our opinion, they are nothing serious, and certainly do not warrant giving this spinning reel a negative review. It’s a durable reel with enough power to haul in some fairly large fish, has a high maximum drag, a good gear ratio, and has no problems being used in saltwater.

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