Penn Spinfisher V 10500 Review

Penn Spinfisher V 10500 Review

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The fact of the matter is that some spinning reels can often be a bit weak and inadequate, especially when it comes to long distance casting, line capacity, and having enough power to deal with those big fish.

Today we are doing a detailed Penn Spinfisher V 10500 review to see how good this reel really is and how it measures up to the competition (you can check the current price and more info on Amazon here).

Features & Specs

In terms of the features and specs of the V 10500, it is a great overall spinning reel that we couldn’t actually find many drawbacks. That said, there are a couple of drawbacks that will have to be mentioned, but they are really nothing major.

Construction, Weight, & Durability

One of the first things to mention when it comes to the Penn Spinfisher V 10500 is that it is built solid. This particular spinning reel is made with high quality materials such as a full metal body. There is no plastic included here, something we always like to see.

When it comes down to it, this has to be one of the most durable and well-built spinning reels that we have come across in a while. It can definitely handle a good amount of weight and pressure being put on it.

This reel is totally sealed, which means that it is great for resisting the corrosive effects of saltwater, plus it keeps sand out well too. Although this thing is very strong, and can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, it is quite heavy.

This particular reel comes in at over 43 ounces, which is admittedly a bit heavier than we would like. This can cause balance issues with the rod, plus it also is not great when fatigue is in question. With that being said, the fact that it is heavy is reassuring in terms of durability and power.

Gear Ratio & Retrieval

One thing that is worth noting here is that the Penn Spinfisher V 10500 features a 4.2:1 gear ratio. This gear ratio is pretty average, all things considered. It means that the spool turns 4.2 times for every rotation you make with the handle.

Usually this would mean that a spinning reel could retrieve about 30 inches of line per handle spin, but due to the size of this reel, it actually retrieves 42 inches of line for every turn of the handle, which is quite impressive.

Now, in terms of the retrieval, you should also keep in mind that this reel comes with a nice anti-reverse system. This stops the handle from spinning when a fish pulls the line out quickly, thus stopping your fingers from getting smashed.

Casting, The Friction Ramp, & The Ball Bearings

In terms of a smooth operation, the Spinfisher V 10500 is definitely up there with the best of them. For one, its heavy weight, combined with the friction trip ramp, and the ball bearings, allow for very smooth casting.

The spool on this thing spins like there is no friction at all, which is in part thanks to the 5 very high quality stainless steel ball bearings which this thing comes with.

The friction trip ramp here is definitely a bonus as well, because it stops the bail from tripping prematurely during casting.

All of these aspects come together with the Penn Spinfisher V 10500 to allow for some exceptionally long casting distances, as well as a high level of casting accuracy. We do have to say that we find this to be quite impressive, because spinning reels really are not known for long casting distances or accuracy, but that is not the case here.

If you need long distance and accurate casting, this a is a great option to consider. Although, do keep in mind that you will probably suffer from a bit of fatigue, because this thing is heavy.

The Superline Spool

The spool comes with markers so you always know exactly how much line you have on it, as well as how much line you have out. What we find so great here is that this spool has a really high line capacity, seriously huge.

In terms of good old monofilament line, this spinning reel can hold 415 yards of 30 pound line, 350 yards of 40 pound line, and 255 yards of 50 pound line.

When it comes to your braided line, it can hold 750 yards of 50 pound line, 670 yards of 65 pound line, or 580 yards of 80 pound line. As you can tell from these numbers, this spinning reel can handle some seriously strong line, and a heck of a lot of it too.

The Drag System

The final thing that we want to mention about the Penn Spinfisher V 10500 is that it does also come with a really nice drag system. The drag system here is made with very high quality components with a limit of 40 pounds.

That is quite a bit of drag for a spinning reel. It means that a fish can apply up to 40 pounds of force without the line being yanked out in the opposite direction, but more force than 40 pounds will cause the spool to spin, therefore stopping the fishing line from snapping. Like we said, 40 pounds is quite a bit for a reel like this.


  • Very durable and strong.
  • Made for some pretty big fish.
  • Can hold a heck of a lot of line.
  • Allows for accurate and long distance casting.
  • Fast retrieval rate.
  • Great drag system.
  • Good anti-reverse feature.
  • Can be used for freshwater and saltwater fishing.


  • Has some balance issues.
  • Very heavy.
  • Can cause fatigue quickly.

You can check the current price on Amazon here


When it comes down to it, although the Penn Spinfisher V 10500 does have a couple of drawbacks, it is overall a really nice spinning reel. It can hold a whole lot of strong line, it allows for accurate and long distance casting, and it’s quite smooth too. It has a nice gear ratio and a great drag system, plus an overall durable build that can handle those big fish.