Do crappie eat bluegill and shad

Do Crappie Eat Bluegill And Shad?

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If you plan on going fishing for crappie fish, something that you might be wondering is what kind of baits and foods they will eat. In other words, what kind of bait do you put on that hook, and what do these fish eat naturally. Many people will use baitfish such as bluegill and shad for live fishing purposes. So, do crappie eat bluegill and shad?

Yes, crappie will and do eat bluegills and shad. That being said, crappie usually only eat smaller bluegills and very small shad, as these fish can grow quite sizeable, especially shad.

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Do Crappie Eat Bluegill?

The short and simple answer here is that yes, crappie will eat small bluegill fish. Just keep in mind that crappie can grow to about 30 cm or 12 inches in length, whereas bluegill grow to around 19 cm or about 7.5 inches.

Crappie can and will only eat food that can fit into their mouths, so they usually won’t go for fully grown adult bluegill, but they will definitely eat the ones that are just a few inches long.

Do Crappie Eat Shad?

Just like crappie will eat small bluegills, they will also eat small shad. Now, what you need to know about shad is that they can grow to around 62 cm or over 24 inches.

Therefore, while crappie will eat shad, they are only large enough to eat the juveniles. That being said, shad are generally plankton and shrimp eaters, so you don’t have to worry about a shad eating a crappie.

What Else do Crappie Eat?

Crappie are fairly opportunistic eaters that will munch on mostly anything that they can fit into their mouths.

The fact of the matter is that crappie will eat mostly anything. As noted above, by far the favorite food of the crappie is the minnow, but they do also like eating other much smaller panfish, and other fish including small shad and of course bluegill too.

They do also enjoy eating the juveniles if their predators, such as young walleye and pike.

Crappie are also known for loving to eat a variety of invertebrates, shellfish, and insects too.

Crappie seem to be big fans of shellfish such as shrimp and crawfish. In terms of insects, they’ll eat mostly anything that moves, and even zooplankton too.

What is a Crappie’s Favorite Food?

A crappie’s number one favorite food, according to anglers and scientists everywhere, is the minnow.

Minnows are abundant, easy to catch, and super tasty too. This is without a doubt, the number one favorite food of the crappie.

What Type of Fish Eat Crappie?

Generally speaking, any freshwater fish that is large enough to eat a small crappie will do so.

The main predators that crappie have in the wild include kingfishers, largemouth bass, northern pike, large trout, and channel catfish.



There you have it folks, a detailed rundown of exactly which fish crappie will eat, and which ones will eat crappie. We hope that this helps on your next fishing trip!