Can You Take A Fishing Rod On A Plane

Can You Take A Fishing Rod On A Plane

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Ok, so you are planning on travelling by airplane and the purpose is a one heck of an awesome fishing trip. Sure, there might be some good fishing spots where you live, but chances are that to find the very best fishing spots around, you might need to get on an airplane for a few hours. However, what about your fishing gear. Can you take a fishing rod on a plane? Can I take fishing hooks in my hand luggage?

The short answer is yes, you can take a fishing rod on an airplane, and you can take fishing hooks too, but they absolutely have to be stored in your checked luggage, not in the carry on luggage.

Can You Take A Fishing Rod On A Plane?

Yes, there is no reason why you cannot take a fishing rod on an airplane, but you do want to keep it in your checked luggage. The fact of the matter is that a fishing rod can be seen as threatening if you have it on your person, or in other words, in your carry on luggage.

First off, there is the fact that a fishing rod could potentially be used as a weapon to hit somebody with, and it could also be sharpened at an end and used to stab somebody, so there is that.

Second, fishing line can be seen as equally threatening due the fact that you could potentially strangle somebody with it. Now, this might all sound like we are going overboard, but if you have ever been to an airport in the last few years, you will know how strict they are with this kind of thing.

Moreover, for the most part, unless you have a handy telescopic fishing rod, even a 2 or 3 piece rod is not going to fit in your carry on luggage.

Remember that there are specific size restrictions for carry on luggage, and chances are that unless you have a telescopic fishing rod, you wouldn’t be able to bring it into the passenger cabin due to those size restrictions, whether it could potentially be seen as a weapon or not.

How To Pack a Fishing Rod For Airplane

Ok, so needless to say, your fishing rod absolutely has to be in the baggage you check at the front desk, not in your carry on luggage.

Now, we do have a few tips to provide you with so that your fishing rod stays in one piece and in prime condition when you have it in your checked luggage. And yes, you should be worried about it breaking during the flight and the handling process.

Have you ever seen those YouTube videos of baggage handlers absolutely manhandling luggage and throwing it around as if it were a competition to see who can break the most stuff?

Yeah, those guys really are not too careful with luggage. After all, it’s not theirs, so who cares right? Anyway, let’s go over a few tips to ensure that your fishing rod stays in one piece;

  • If you are going to be travelling with your fishing rod in your luggage, a telescopic rod is probably best, as it can be collapsed and it will take up minimal room in your luggage. Remember that checked luggage still comes with size and weight restrictions.
  • If you have a multiple piece rod, such as a fishing rod that comes apart into 2, 3, 4, or more pieces, you absolutely want to take them apart. Take the rod apart piece by piece, and use elastics to keep them all in one piece. You do also want to detach the reel from the rod, collapse the reel handle (if you have a model where the handle collapses), and wrap the reel in something soft.
  • Never leave the fishing line in the guides when putting your fishing rod in a suitcase, and definitely never leave hooks, bobbers, or anything else of the sort attached to the line either. This stuff can all get snagged, caught, and tangled up. Wind the fishing line on the spool as far as you can go, and tape the end of the line down.
  • Finally, you definitely want to put your fishing rod and other gear into a hard shell case, even if you have it in a suitcase. Now, if you have a hard shell suitcase, putting your fishing rod and other gear into a soft carrying case within the hard suitcase will do just fine. However, if you have a soft suitcase, you will want to keep the rod in a hard carry case to keep it safe from damage. Remember, airline baggage handlers are not careful with anything and they love to throw stuff around.
  • Keep in mind that a one piece rod, no matter what, is probably going to be long to fit the size restrictions on an airplane, and if it is too large, either you will not be able to check it, or you will pay big time dollars for the privilege of doing so.

Can I Take Fishing Hooks In My Hand Luggage?

No, the very simple and hard answer to this question is no, you cannot take fishing hooks in your hand luggage on an airplane. Just think about it, you can’t bring nail clippers, you can’t bring a bottle of water, and you can barely bring yourself on an airplane.

Ever since 2001 and the US World Trade Center attacks, airlines around the world have become super strict about what you can take on an airplane (here is the official site with more info), and yes, this can go for both carry on luggage and the luggage that is checked and stowed underneath the passenger cabin.

The important thing to remember here is that a fishing hook, even a small one, can and will be perceived as a threat to the safety of everybody on board the plane, especially if you happen to have a big hook for big fish.

Think about it, because realistically, while highly unlikely, a big fishing hook could be used as a weapon on an airplane. However, with that being said, there should be no problems if you have the fishing hooks in your checked luggage, because there is no way you can access them during a flight to take an airliner hostage.

Put the fishing hooks in your checked luggage along with the fishing rod. There is absolutely no point in taking fishing hooks on an airplane in your carry on luggage. What are you going to do, try and fish for a bigmouth bass from 30,000 feet up in the air?


So, there you have it folks. When it comes down to it, yes, you can take both fishing hooks and fishing rods, as well as your other gear on an airplane. However, keep in mind that you don’t want to bring this stuff in your hand luggage, which is true for various reasons.

First and foremost, fishing hooks can definitely be seen as a big time threat to the airplane crew’s and the passengers’ safety, so those need to be in your checked luggage.

Second, even if fishing rods were allowed in your carry on baggage, there is really no point in lugging them around with you when they could be in your checked baggage.