Caddis Nevada Gold Float Tube Review

Caddis Nevada Gold Float Tube Review

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If you don’t mind getting your feet wet, and you like to be right in the middle of the action, a fishing float tube comes in really handy. Today we are doing a Caddis Nevada Gold Float Tube review to see what this float tube has to offer and how good it really is (you can check the current price and more info on Amazon here).

We will run though all the main features/specs like capacity, stability, build, comfort and storage to give you some good insight on what to expect from this float tube and how well it measures up to other options.

If you are looking for some good tube fins then we have covered a detailed buyers guide here.

Features & Specs

Let’s get right into it and talk about the various features of the Caddis Nevada Gold Float Tube;.


This is a floating seat and it is quite durable and it has a fairly high weight capacity, but it does have its limits. This particular fishing float tube can handle a maximum weight of 225 pounds.

With your rod and some other fishing gear, you probably should not weigh more than 210 pounds if you don’t want this thing to sink. Sure, it might be able to handle a little more weight than this, but the heavier you are, the further down this floating fishing seat will sink.

Maneuvering & Stability

As long as you are not overly heavy, this item is fairly stable. It has a whole lot of buoyancy and a fairly wide base, which means that you should not be able to tip over easily unless you have some big fish on the line that are jerking you around. It does come with a padded stabilizer bar to help increase stability a bit.

It’s not the most stable fishing platform out there, but in terms of a fishing seat, it’s not that bad at all. In terms of maneuverability, no, it’s not a speed boat, but it does have a nice U-shape in the back which allows for pretty easy steering.

You won’t go fast, especially without a paddle to help propel you, but turning on a dime is possible, which comes in handy if you have an angry fish on the end of your line.

Build & Durability

The Caddis Float tube is indeed designed to be quite durable. It’s good in case you get a fishing hook stuck in it or if you are fighting a lively fish. It is made out of fairly durable rip stop nylon fabric, at least the upper is.

It’s pretty tough and should not rip due to getting caught on something. The underside of this thing is even tougher so it can withstand bumping into some sticks and rocks in the water. The underside is made of a highly impact resistant and tear resistant Cordura fabric. For all intents and purposes, this thing is pretty tough.


This particular float tube is designed to be quite comfortable. No, it’s not a leather recliner and it does not have much back support, plus there is a hole where your backside is. It is soft enough to sit on for a couple of hours, but it’s probably not the best option if you have back pain or if you don’t want your backside in the water.

It’s soft enough. As far as floating fishing seats go, it is quite comfortable, but make no mistake about it, it’s just not some kind of leather recliner that you would watch TV in for hours on end. That much is for sure.


The Nevada Float Tube comes with four fairly large main equipment pockets. These should be more than enough to store various lines, baits, lures, small tools, and oother such things.

No, you cannot store anything of a substantial size, but it works well enough for small fishing accessories. You could probably even fit a reel inside one of the larger pockets. It also features 2 smaller auxiliary pockets, which can come in pretty handy too.


Do keep in mind that this item needs to be inflated with a pump. Beware that you do not over-inflate it, as you can definitely pop it if you pump too much air into it. Also keep in mind that if you under-inflate it, it will not float too well.

In all honesty, inflating it can be a bit of a pain in the neck. It is convenient that it can be deflated when not in use, making it easy to store in small spaces and to transport as well.


  • Very durable upper and underside.
  • Can handle a decent amount of weight.
  • Ample storage.
  • Comfortable as far as floating fishing seats go.
  • Fairly stable and easy to maneuver.
  • Very portable.


  • Durable, but it can pop if poked hard with something sharp.
  • Loses stability with increased weight.
  • A bit of a pain to inflate.

You can check the current price on Amazon here


Let’s quickly take a look at an alternative to the Caddis Gold. There are many similar options out there and some which have some differing features too. One option you can take a look at, which might be better if it is your first time buying or using a fishing seat, or if you just don’t fish all that much, is the Teton Inflatable Fishing Float Tube.

Now, when compared to the Caddis Nevada, it might be a better option for people who like to fish, but do not do so all that often. The Teton Float Tube is quite similar to the Nevada Float Tube, but maybe a bit more comfortable.

Although it is a little more comfortable, it does appear to be a little less durable. As well, it is probably not quite as stable and it does not have quite as high of a weight capacity either. The Teton Float Tube does have some benefits like ample storage space and easy portability.


The bottom line here is that the Caddis Float Tube is a cool choice to go with if you want to dip your feet in the water while fishing. It is a fairly stable and maneuvering float tube with a decent weight capacity and alright comfort as well, plus it has decent storage space. It is also quite durable. Although it does have a couple of minor drawbacks, they are really nothing major. It’s a good option to keep in mind no doubt.