Best Telescopic Fishing Rod: Top 10

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Do you love to go fishing, but are sick and tired of hauling along huge fishing rods and all of that other gear too? Yeah, a super long and heavy one piece or even two piece rod can be a pain the neck when it comes to transportation. Simply put, you aren’t about to go on a hiking trip with a 10 foot one piece rod. It’s just not doable.

That said, there are telescopic fishing rods which retract into neat little packages that are super portable. If this is something that appeals to you, you have come to the right place, because we are about to help you find the best telescopic fishing rod (this one being our top pick). We have looked at lots of options and narrowed it down to these particular 10 and here is why.


Our Pick For Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

First let’s take a look at our top pick, out of all the options we look at we personally felt this one was the best;

KastKing Blackhawk II

What is really cool about the KastKing Blackhawk II is the fact that it comes in so many different models.  You can get a variety of casting rods, spinning rods, inshore casting rods, and inshore spinning rods too, all with varying lengths, action ratings, and power ratings too.

In terms of size, they start off at 6 foot 6 and top out at 8 feet in length, so you can get the one that is ideal for your own needs. Moreover, when it comes to rod action, most of the option here are either fast action or moderate fast action, which makes them ideal for fast hook setting and fast action fishing techniques.

When it comes to rod power, here you will find a large variety ranging from medium light and medium, to medium heavy and very heavy too, which means that this a rod ideal for both small and large fish. You have a lot of variety to go with, which is very nice as far as we are concerned.

We do like how this rod is very easy to assemble, and of course, it is a telescopic rod which forms a compact little package when retracted, making it ideal for travel, plus it’s quite lightweight too. This thing also comes with a nice little hook holder, reinforced reel seats, a high quality EVA handle, and multiple floating guides too.

There is also the fact that this telescopic rod is designed to be very durable and long lasting, as some high quality components have been used in its construction. It’s a graphite rod with a solid glass tip for increased performance.


  • Comes in a ton of sizes, power ratings, and action ratings too.
  • Collapses into a small package.
  • Comes with a carrying case.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Very nice handle.


  • Does not come in ultra light or ultra heavy options.
  • Floating guides could be a bit smoother.

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Essentials Of A Good Telescopic Rod

A good telescopic fishing rod is going to have a few essential features which you need to look out for. Don’t go buying one of these things before you read out little telescopic fishing rod buyer’s guide.

1. Rod Length

The first thing you want to pay attention to before making a purchase is how long the rod is when fully extended. There are basic fishing rods around 5 feet long, and ones up to 14 feet or longer.

Generally, with telescopic rods, they tend to top out at around 14 feet. Just keep in mind that larger rods are usually better for larger fish and for longer casting distances, but the shorter ones are generally best when casting out of cover or fishing in tight conditions.

2. The Reel Seat

What you also want to look for when purchasing a telescopic rod is the reel seat. Important here is whether or not the reel seat is saltwater resistant. Moreover, a simple twist and lock reel seat is fine for basic needs. Also, do consider what kind of reel you want to attach to the rod in question.

3. Materials

When it comes to the materials which the blank or blanks of your telescopic rod is made of, there are usually two choices, these being graphite and fiberglass. Now, fiberglass rods tend to be quite powerful and have decent sensitivity too, but they can break easily when put under a lot of pressure.

On the other hand, graphite rods are more durable, but also heavier and a but less sensitive. If you can find a combination of the two, this is what we would recommend.

4. The Handle

A nice handle is always important too, because this will dictate your level of comfort when fishing. Either a nice EVA handle or a decent cork handle is recommended.

Just make sure it’s long enough to hold comfortably, but not so long that it is going to be obstructive while fishing.

5. The Guides

Some nice stainless steel guides are also recommended here. Even better is if you can find stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts, which will help to increase the smoothness of casting and retrieval, as well as casting distance too.

Also, make sure that the guides line up with each other really well, as this will also go a long way in determining casting distance.

6. Action & Power

The final thing you want to look out for before buying a telescopic fishing rod is what action and power the one in question has. Generally, these things will be somewhere around medium in both action and power, sometimes with fast action.

Remember that telescopic rods just aren’t designed for really heavy duty use.

Telescopic Fishing Rod Reviews

If you are not a huge fan of our own top pick, we have picked out another 9 that we felt deserved a mention for various reasons.

1. Sougayilang

Something that we want to mention right off the bat about the Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod is that it is made with a 24 ton carbon fiber blank, which is extremely tough and E-glass composite materials, which allows for a whole lot of durability and resistance towards pressure, but also brings a good deal of sensitivity to the equation too.

What you also need to know here is that this rod is designed for saltwater fishing. Sure, it works just fine for freshwater fishing too, but it is specially designed to resist the corrosive effects of saltwater, which is very important no doubt. The reel seat here is made out of corrosion resistant CNC machined aluminum.

The Sougayilang comes in various sizes ranging from 5.9 to 11.8 feet, so you can choose the size which works best for you. The longer options here are great for long distance casting, and the shorter ones actually work quite well for some fairly large prey. The three point welded stainless steel guides here are quite smooth, very durable, and they do allow for long distance casting too.

The foam handle could probably use a bit of improvement in terms of durability, but overall, this is a very nice option to keep in mind. It’s definitely a very lightweight, ergonomically friendly, and highly portable telescopic fishing rod.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Both short and long options.
  • High quality materials.
  • High level of corrosion resistance.
  • Smooth guides for easy casting.
  • Decent sensitivity.


  • Handle is not the best.
  • Guides may come loose with prolonged use.

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2. Plusinno

What you need to know here is that this is actually a rod and reel combo. Yes, it comes with a spinning reel included, which is definitely convenient. Now, don’t get us wrong here, because while the reel is not the best in the world, it’s also not the worst.

It’s a good option for people who are looking for a basic spinning reel that performs amicably. It features an s-curve osciallation system, decent line capacity, a left/right interchangeable handle, and a 5.2:1 gear ratio for fairly fast retrievals. It’s not designed for really big or powerful fish, but it works just fine for basic fishing needs. Let’s take a look at the rod itself now.

In terms of the rod itself, here you can choose from 4 different sizes ranging from 5.9 to 8.8 feet, which is not bad in terms of selection. It also comes in multiple action options and power ratings too, although it is generally a lighter rod to go with. The rod is made out of a combination of carbon fiber and fiber glass, so it has a good mix of durability and sensitivity, although it’s not made for super heavy duty fishing.

With that being said, this is a rod specially designed for saltwater fishing and to be highly resistant towards the corrosive effects of saltwater. It has a decent EVA foregrip for comfort, and yes, it is of course telescopic too, as it is collapsible, as well as fairly lightweight.


  • Collapsible and lightweight.
  • Decent grip.
  • Multiple length, power, and action options.
  • Includes a decent spinning reel.
  • Ideal for saltwater fishing.


  • Guides are not the best.
  • Not intended for very large fish.

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3. Eagle Claw

If you are looking for a small, portable, and lightweight fishing rod for some lightweight fishing, the Eagle Claw telescopic fishing rod is a nice option to keep in mind. One important thing to note about this particular option is that it is designed with very aggressive action.

In other words, this is a very fast action rod designed to provide you with quick movements, fast hook setting, and is made for fast action fishing techniques. Now, the maximum line weight for this rod is only 10 pounds, which is fine for smaller fish.

The Eagle Claw is made with durable glass, which is fairly sensitive too, so you can easily feel nibbles, even from the smallest of fish. This rod is designed for sensitivity, a lightweight feel, and for small fish. By no means should you go for big fish with this rod, nor should you try fishing in saltwater conditions with it.

Yes, it is telescopic and very lightweight, plus ergonomically friendly, which makes it easy to handle a breeze to transport as well, but it’s just not meant for large fish or heavy duty fishing.

That said, we do like the high quality EVA handle which comes included here. Keep in mind that this is a short 5 foot 6 inch rod, so definitely not very long.


  • Great for fast action fishing.
  • Lightweight, portable, and compact.
  • Good for small fish and light fishing.
  • Pretty nice EVA handle.
  • Quite sensitive.


  • Does not come in longer options.
  • Not ideal for large or even medium size fish.

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4. Troutboy

Here we have another light duty telescopic fishing rod to go with, one that is ideal for lighter fishing purposes. First off, when it comes to the Troutboy, there are 7 length options to choose from, ranging from 5 foot 10 inches to 11 foot 10 inches, so you can choose whatever length works best for your own fishing needs.

The shorter options here feature maximum line weights of 10 pounds, with the longer options being able to handle 15 pound line. As you can see, this rod is designed for lighter fishing needs and should not be used to go for very heavy fish.

The majority of the rods available here feature medium fast action. This rod is made of 24 ton carbon fiber and e-glass for a decent level of durability as well as sensitivity too. It has an EVA foregrip, and yes, it is lightweight and collapsible for convenience.

Do keep in mind that this is actually a fishing rod and reel combo, so yes, it does also come with a decent reel. Now, it’s not the best reel in the world, but it gets the job done for basic fishing needs. It has 13+1 stainless steel ball bearings.

What’s cool here is that you can also choose from 4 different reel sizes, each with slightly different specs. The pure amount of choice and various combinations of rods and reels available here is pretty neat. Just keep in mind that it is designed for light fishing.


  • Comes with a reel.
  • Lots of length and power options to choose from.
  • Lightweight, portable, and collapsible.
  • Good mix of durability and sensitivity.
  • Fairly nice handle.


  • Not ideal for heavy duty fishing.
  • Reel is not the most durable in the world.

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5. Goture

The Goture telescopic fishing rod is yet another nice option to go with, another one designed for some light duty fishing. First off, there are 5 sizes available to choose from here, ranging from 6 feet 10 inches to 11 feet 10 inches, with the longer options being slightly more heavy duty than the shorter ones.

The shorter options here do have faster action ratings for fast action fishing, but they also have lower power ratings than the longer rods. The longer Goture rods are best for heavier fish, and the shorter ones for lighter fish. In terms of required line weight, the shorter options here top out at 10 pound line, the medium lengths at 12 pound line, and the longest ones top out at 15 pound line.

As you might be able to tell, this rod is not designed for heavy fish. It’s a good rod for light fishing needs and basic fishing. This rod does come with a nice anti-skid EVA handle, stainless steel rod guides with ceramic inserts, and a CNC machined aluminum reel seat too.

The rod itself is made of high carbon fiber and e-glass, for a decent combination of durability and sensitivity. Keep in mind that this rod can be used for saltwater fishing.


  • Great for small fish and light duty fishing.
  • Collapsible, lightweight, and portable.
  • Good sensitivity and decent durability.
  • Various length and power options to choose from.
  • Saltwater ready.


  • Cannot handle large fish at all.

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6. thkfish

If you are looking for a super basic and lower end telescopic fishing rod, something for a bit of fun, or maybe a small present for a child, the thkfish telescopic fishing rod is a decent option to go with.

We are not going to lie and say that this is the best rod in the world, but it comes with good value for the money and it works fine for occasional and basic fishing. What is nice is that here you can choose from a 5.9 or 10.8 foot rod, so there is that.

Moreover, in terms of action and power, the action is medium-fast, and the power is medium as well, with a maximum line rating of 10 pounds or so. The thkfish is made with special carbon, which is somewhat resistant to corrosion, although it’s not recommended for saltwater use.

It does have an extended handle with a decent EVA grip for comfort, plus fairly smooth line guides as well. Of course, it is a telescopic rod, which makes it convenient for transportation, plus it’s quite lightweight too, so it helps create a good balance and helps prevent fatigue too.


  • Great value for the money.
  • Good for small fish and occasional fishing.
  • 2 lengths to choose from.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Decent handle.


  • Limited durability.
  • Limited sensitivity.
  • Not ideal for large fish.

7. Burning Shark

If it’s an ultra lightweight and ergonomically friendly fishing rod you are looking for, the Burning Shark telescopic fishing rod might be the right choice for you. One thing to note here is that you can choose from saltwater rods and freshwater rods, with the saltwater options being a bit tougher and designed to resist the corrosive effects of saltwater.

The combination of high density 24 ton carbon fiber and glass fiber helps make this rod super sensitive so you can feel nibbles from even the smallest of fish. With that being said, it’s not really a heavy duty rod and it’s not designed for heavy line or big fish.

Yes, the Burning Shark is extremely lightweight and easy to use, plus it has a comfortable grip, so there is that, and yes, it can be used for saltwater fishing if needed, but keep in mind that it can’t handle too much weight or pressure.

These rods are fast action rods, which makes them ideal for fast hook setting, smaller fish, and fast action fishing techniques. The CNC machined aluminum reel seat, as well as the stainless steel guides do help to add some more durability to the equation here.

On a side note, this thing does look pretty neat and modern, which we do like. There are various lengths available here, ranging from 5.9 to 9.8 feet.


  • Various sizes available.
  • Superior sensitivity.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Extremely lightweight and portable.


  • Cannot handle large fish.
  • Connection points cannot handle too much pressure.

8. FishOaky

If you are looking for something very simple and basic, maybe a little present for a beginner angler, or something small you can easily take with you on a hiking trip, the FishOaky telescopic rod is a fairly decent option to keep in mind.

This particular rod is designed for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It does have various components which have a certain amount of saltwater resistance, but in all reality, we’d stick to freshwater fishing with this rod whenever possible. This is a 6.8 foot fishing rod, which makes it ideal for casting decent distances.

This is a medium power rod with medium-fast action, which makes it decent for most basic fishing needs. No, it cannot handle very heavy fish, but that said, it’s only designed for lightweight fishing. After all, this is a very lightweight telescopic fishing rod, one that is made to be comfortable to hold and highly portable too.

Keep in mind that there is a basic spinning reel included here, one with a 5.2:1 gear ratio and a left/right interchangeable handle. Beware that durability is not a word which we would associate with this reel.


  • Good for basic fishing needs.
  • Fine for small fish.
  • Very lightweight and highly portable.
  • Comes with a reel included.
  • Can be used for saltwater fishing if necessary.


  • Durability is not all that high.
  • Reel could definitely be much better.

9. Z-Cast

When it comes to lightweight, basic, and beginner telescopic fishing rods, the Z-Cast is probably the perfect example of such. The rod itself, when extended, is 5 foot 6 inches long, which is fine for basic fishing needs.

No, you won’t get a super long cast out of it, but it’s great for fishing in tight spaces and out of cover. Yes, it is telescopic, so it collapses down into a very small package, making it easy to transport. This thing features an ultra light glass blank, which is so lightweight that you will barely notice it at all, which helps reduce fatigue.

What we do like about the Z-Cast is that it comes with a twist and lock reel seat, which is very easy to deal with. Now, in terms of durability, admittedly it’s far from being the most durable rod out there, but it does have a decent level of sensitivity.

This is a medium power rod with fairly fast action, making it ideal for a variety of fishing purposes, but mainly for the smaller stuff. The fairly comfortable and durable EVA handle is something else which we do appreciate about this particular rod.


  • Very lightweight and portable.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Great for smaller fishing purposes.
  • Decent sensitivity.


  • Limited durability.
  • Does not cast very far.


As you can see, there are plenty of nice options to go with when it comes to your personal best telescopic fishing rod. As appears to be the case with most of these, they are a little less durable than 1 or 2 piece rods, and they are usually lightweight, designed for lighter and basic fishing purpose more than anything else.

With that being said, you can still find some decent options to go with, and here, we would absolutely recommend our own top pick, but all of the telescopic rods we have reviewed today are great in their own way. Just keep the most important purchasing factors in mind before you come to a final decision.

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