5 Best Rods For Kayak Bass Fishing & Why

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Kayak bass fishing is a lot of fun, but if you are just starting out or looking to upgrade your rod then you need to know what to look for. A good rod should no large than 7 feet, lightweight, fast action with medium power is an ideal set up.

Here is a run down of the main 5 things you need to lookout for before buying and our top 5 picks that we feel are some of the best rods for kayak bass fishing (the Dobyn DX 703C is our top pick).

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What Makes A Good Bass Rod For Kayak Fishing?

Let’s quickly go over the main 5 considerations to keep in mind before you buy a rod;

1. Length

For kayak fishing, you do need the right length of rod, something that is not too short or too long. Something between 6 and 7 feet in length is good for this purpose. You want it to be long enough for good casting, but short enough to maneuver inside of a kayak.

2. Weight

When it comes to weight, generally speaking, for kayak fishing, you want a lightweight rod, something that can be handled with one hand, is easy to cast, and won’t weigh you down too much.

3. Action

In terms of rod action, a bass fishing rod for kayak fishing should be fast action. You want the rod to be ideal for fast action finesse fishing techniques and you want the lure to respond quickly to your movements.

4. Power

A medium or medium-heavy power rod is usually the best. A medium power rod might not be as good for heavy lines or lures as a medium-heavy rod, but it does allow for better casting distance. There is a tradeoff here that you need to think about.

5. Material

In terms of the material, you should go with a graphite rod or a combination fiberglass and graphite rod. If you have to choose between the two, you should go for graphite because it is very sensitive.

Top 5 Rods For Kayak Bass Fishing

Now, there is a number of good rod options out there but these are what we consider to be the top 5 for kayak bass fishing;

1. Dobyns Champion Extreme HP Cast Rod

In our opinion, the Dobyns Champion cast Rod is one of the better options to go with for kayak bass fishing. It isn’t too long, is quick to respond, is very sensitive, and good for casting too.

Length & Weight

This particular rod is 7 feet long, which is quite ideal for kayak bass fishing. It’s long enough to get some good leverage on your fish, and for some good casting distance too. However it is also short enough to be highly maneuverable in a smaller kayak.

In terms of weight, this rod comes in at just over 5 ounces, which means it’s pretty lightweight and more than portable and maneuverable enough for kayak fishing.

Action & Power

When it comes to the rod’s action, it is a fast action rod. This means that it is ideal for jigging and other such forms of finesse fishing. It is really responsive to user movements, and therefore allows for some pretty fast action fishing. It does not take much in terms of movement on your end to make the tip, and therefore the lure move drastically. For spinner baits, jigs, and even for frog fishing, this is quite ideal.

In terms of rod power, this is a medium-heavy rod. This means that it is good for casting fairly heavy baits, such as a frog bait for instance. It does take quite a bit of weight to make the rod bend, which means that it can also handle some fairly heavy fish with ease. It doesn’t hurt in terms of casting distance either, but of course, won’t load as much as a lighter power rod.

Material & Sensitivity

The Dobyns Champion Extreme HP rod is made of extremely lightweight and sensitive graphite blanks. It is a highly sensitive rod that allows you to easily feel the nibbles of fish.

It’s great for bass fishing because even the smallest of nibbles can be felt through the graphite blanks of this rod. This stuff is also quite strong, and should be able to handle bass no problem.


  • Decent casting distance for a medium-heavy rod.
  • Good length and weight for kayak fishing.
  • Good for finesse and fast action fishing.
  • Very strong and sensitive.


  • Handle is a bit long.
  • Requires a casting reel – not a spinning rod.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

2. St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rods

Now, for this rod, do keep in mind that it comes in a wide variety of action and power ratings, but not all of them are great for bass fishing. This is why we have chosen a particular one to review, which is the medium power fast action St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod, one that is 6 feet 6 inches in length.

Not being as heavy might not be best for heavy lures or heavy fish, or for casting accuracy, but being a bit lighter does allow for better casting distance on smaller and medium size lures.

Length & Weight

You can choose between a rod that is 6 foot 6 inches, and one that is 7 feet long. Sure, the 7 footer might be better for casting distance, but when it comes to kayak fishing, you will want something a bit shorter, as it will be more maneuverable when in a kayak, plus easier to transport too.

Therefore, we personally would recommend the 6 foot 6 rod length option. It’s just easier to work with when in a kayak. Now, this rod weighs around 4 ounces, which is not very heavy at all. The lightweight nature of this rod makes it very easy to use in a kayak as well, as you can easily cast it with one arm without too much trouble.

Action & Power

In terms of rod action, as we mentioned before, this rod does come in a variety of action ratings. However, we personally would choose the fast action rod. Fast action rods are best for bass fishing as they are extremely responsive to your movements, especially when it comes to the lure and fishing types like jigging, spinner baits, top water fishing, and frog fishing. The lure will respond much better to your movements than with a slow action rod.

Moreover, the same can be said for power here, as you can choose between light and heavy power ratings, and everything in between. Some people like medium-heavy rods for bass fishing because they can cast large lures and are ideal for heavier fish, or in other words, they are very strong.

However, if you are going to be using a smaller lure, and would like to maximize casting distance, we would recommend a medium power rod. It might not be able to handle as much weight, which is true in a couple of respects, but casting distance is better.

Material & Sensitivity

The St. Croix Triumph rod is made out of premium quality SCII graphite, which is extremely sensitive, but also quite durable. It’s not as flexible as fiberglass, but this should be fine for bass fishing. The graphite used here is very sensitive and allows you to feel even the smallest of nibbles with ease.


  • Power is ideal for lighter baits, line, and fish.
  • Good length for kayak fishing – short and maneuverable.
  • Action is ideal for fast action and finesse fishing.
  • Very sensitive blanks.
  • Good power for casting distance.


  • Not the best for heavier fish or lures.
  • Short length does cut down on casting distance a little bit.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

3. St. Croix Premier Spinning Rod

If you are on the hunt for a 7 foot, medium power, and fast action rod for bass fishing, the St. Croix Premier Spinning rod is a really nice option. It doesn’t really excel at any one thing in particular, but has a good balance of all features.

Keep in mind that this is a one piece rod, so you cannot take it apart. On a side note, we do like the length and quality of the cork handle on this thing.

Length & Weight

The St. Croix Premier comes in at a convenient 7 feet long. This is a good length for kayak fishing, as it is not overly long, so it does come with good maneuverability when you are sitting in a tight kayak.

At the same time, it is not so short that you won’t get at least decent casting distance out of it. In terms of the weight, admittedly, this thing is a bit heavy, so you might fatigue after a couple of hours of using it, but it’s still not too bad.

Action & Power

This is a fast action rod, which is great for bass fishing. It is super responsive to your movements, and the lure will move as soon as you move the rod. Therefore, this thing is ideal for jigging, spinners, frogs, and other such fast action finesse fishing lures. It also allows for some pretty decent energy transfer for good sensitivity.

When it comes to rod power, the St. Croix Premier is a medium power rod. We do think that this is pretty good for kayak bass fishing, as it does help increase casting distance quite a bit. It might not be able to handle super heavy lines or lures, which can be good or bad for bass fishing. It’s got a bit of a slower hook set than a really heavy power rod, but should still be fast enough for bass fishing.

Material & Sensitivity

This rod is made of premium and high quality graphite. It’s not very flexible, so it might not be best for really heavy fish, but it sure is sensitive, which means that you can easily feel nibbles with it.


  • Short enough to be maneuverable.
  • Good length and power for casting distance.
  • Great action for bass fishing.
  • Good cork handle.
  • Very sensitive.


  • Not the best for casting accuracy.
  • Not the best for heavy lures or heavy fish.
  • A bit on the heavy side in terms of overall weight.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

4. Fenwicks Eagle Spinning Rod

The Fenwick’s Eagle is a nice spinning rod option, very easy to use, especially for beginners. Moreover, it comes in many different power ratings, action ratings, and lengths too, which means that everybody should be able to find one that is ideal for their specific brand of kayak bass fishing.

Length & Weight

When it comes to overall weight, the Fenwicks Eagle is a fairly lightweight rod, generally speaking. It is more than light enough to be used with a single hand, and does allow for good maneuverability. What we also like here is that you can choose between various rod lengths ranging from 5 feet 6 inches, all the way up to 8 feet.

The shorter the rod, the more maneuverable it is for kayak fishing, and the longer it is, the better it will be for casting distance. Which one you want is up to you.

Action & Power

In terms of action and power variations, the Fenwicks Eagle also comes in many of them. Here you can choose from a slower action rod, which is ideal for larger fish, muscling them in, and slower hook sets.

You can also choose a very fast action rod which is ideal for fast action finesse fishing and fast response times, as well as really fast hook sets, and you can choose something that sits right in the middle.

The same can be said for rod power, as this thing comes in light, medium-light, medium, medium-heavy, heavy, and ultra-heavy power ratings.

This is convenient because you can choose which one works best for you, whether it be a super heavy power rod with good casting accuracy and great for heavy lures and fish, or something lighter that is better for casting distance and lighter lures and fish.

Material & Sensitivity

What you should like about the Fenwicks Eagle Rod is that it is made of highly responsive and sensitive graphite blanks. This thing might not be super flexible, but it surely is sensitive enough to feel small nibbles with ease.


  • Comes in various lengths.
  • Comes in various action ratings.
  • Various power ratings to choose from.
  • Extremely sensitive.


  • The handle here is not the best for kayak fishing.
  • Not the most durable rod around.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

5. UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod

The UglyStik GX2 comes in a lot of different lengths, action ratings, power ratings, and comes in 1 or 2 pieces as well. The fact that this thing comes with so many options to choose from is a pretty big deal. The durable and lightweight EVA grips definitely help too, not to mention that they are not too long either.

Length & Weight

This rod comes in various lengths ranging from 4 feet 6 inches to 9 feet long. It’s great because you can choose the rod length which works best for you. A shorter rod is great for kayak fishing in terms of maneuverability, and a longer one is better for casting.

Personally, we would recommend something around 6 or 7 feet in length for these purposes. Moreover, the UglyStik GX2  is quite light, which is nice because it helps with maneuverability, it cuts down on fatigue, and it helps make casting a bit easier too.

Action & Power

In terms of action, here you can choose between slow, medium, and fast action. It’s good because you can choose the one which works best for your needs. Personally, for bass fishing, we would recommend a fast action rod that is ideal for finesse and fast action fishing techniques.

This thing does come with an extra strong tip, so this should not be an issue. The same can be said for power ratings, because the GX2 comes in all power ratings possible. Generally speaking, for kayak bass fishing, a medium or medium-heavy rod is best.

Material & Sensitivity

When it comes to the material, this rod is made of both fiberglass and graphite. Now, it is therefore not the most sensitive rod on the market right now, but it is also very strong and flexible. It comes with a good mix of sensitivity, strength, and flexibility.


  • Comes in various lengths.
  • Various action and power ratings.
  • A great handle.
  • Good mix of strength, flexibility, and sensitivity.


  • Not the most sensitive rod around.
  • Guides could be a bit better.

You can check the current price on Amazon here


At the end of the day, we would recommend going with one of the rods which comes in various length, power, and action ratings. This way you can choose all the specs that are best for your specific needs.


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