Best Line For Baitcaster Reels: Top 5 & Why

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There are literally tons of different line options that you can choose from like braided, mono and fluorocarbon. So much choice can make your head spin and if you don’t know what to look for it can be frustrating.

Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing, so we decided to put together a buyers guide to help you find the best line for baitcaster reels (KastKing is our top pick) which covers the essentials you need to lookout for and our own top 5 line picks that feel are some of the best.

Let’s first look the main 8 things you need to pay very close attention to;


8 Essentials Of Good Baitcaster Line

These are the 8 most important thing’s to look out for when buying new line for your baitcaster reel;

1. Memory

For one, you want the fishing line you get to have very low memory. This means that it does not retain the shape of the spool or reel it is on.

This is very important because high memory line will get wrapped around the tip of your rod, plus it will get knotted up in the reel, both things which you do not want happening. This will also result in decreased casting distance and much less smooth retrievals.

2. Stretch & Sensitivity

The next thing to look out for here is how stretchy and sensitive the fishing line is, both factors which are related to one another. You want to get fishing line that has limited or no stretch at all.

If you have line that is not stretchy, it will increase hook setting speed and power. Moreover, line that does not stretch is also very sensitive so you can feel even the smallest of nibbles.

3. Durability

Yes, you do also want the line you get to be very durable and long lasting. For one, this means that it should be made out of very strong fibers. We personally prefer braided line as it tends to be the toughest of all.

You want to look for line that is resistant to the corrosive effects of saltwater, to the deteriorating effects of sunlight, and to chemicals too.

4. Knot Strength

Yet another important thing to look out for here is how good the knot strength of the fishing line in question is. You want to be able to tie knots very tightly, make them small, and do so with ease.

The better the knot strength of the line is, the more secure your lures will be, this minimizing the chances of a fish getting away.

5. Diameter

The next important thing to look out for when buying braided line for your baitcasting reel is how wide the diameter of the line is.

Simply put, having very thin line is ideal because it means that you can fit a whole lot of it onto a single reel, thus increasing the operational range and casting distance of your baitcaster.

6. Smoothness

Having fishing line that is very smooth is also quite important. The smoother the line is the easier it will glide through the guides and come off the spool.

Also, the smoother the finish of the line is, the faster you will be able to retrieve it.

7. Weight Levels

Also, pay attention to the weight levels of the fishing line in question. For example, you here we covered various lines than range from 5 to 150 pounds in test strength.

Before you decide on test weight, you need to know what kind of fish you are going for and what the conditions are. 4 pound line is not going to be ideal to reel in a 30 pound salmon.

8. Visibility

The final thing that you want to look out for is how visible the fishing line in question is. Low visibility line is what you generally want to aim for  because it won’t be seen and scare away fish.

Top 5 Line Picks For Baitcaster Reels

Again there is a lot of a good options out there but we feel these particular 5 are the best for various reasons. We have included braided, mono and even a fluorocarbon options to give some good variety here;

1. KastKing SuperPower Braided Line

This line has a high level of durability, good knot strength, very little memory, and no stretch either. What’s convenient about this line is that it has a very small diameter, so you can fit a maximum amount of it onto a single spool.

Moreover, it also has a special coating to help increase knot strength, which is important for many reasons. It is also a very smooth fishing line that should glide through the guides with ease.


KastKing SuperPower Line is made to be highly durable. It is made to have a very high level of abrasion resistance and overall strength. It should not break just from rubbing on some rocks or the boat, and fish should not be able to break it either.

This stuff comes in many different sizes and weights. You can choose this kind of line in weight classes ranging from 8 pounds all the way up to 150 pounds, making this line ideal for small, medium, and large fishing purposes. Overall, it’s one of the most durable braided lines out there right now.


This line has virtually no memory at all. This means that it won’t retain the shape of the spool, and is therefore always straight when it comes off the reel.

In other words, it allows for fast distance casting, smooth retrieval, and it won’t get knotted up on the tip of your rod or on the spool.


Another big feature worth mentioning about KastKing Line is that it has absolutely no stretch. It will not stretch at all, which for one is great in terms of hook setting power.

Also, having no stretch means that it is also highly sensitive. It is really easy to feel even the smallest of nibbles with this particular braided line. This stuff is about as sensitive as any fishing line can get.


  • Very smooth.
  • Good knot strength.
  • Comes in various weights.
  • Very durable.
  • Low memory.
  • No flex and very sensitive.


  • Colors or dyes tend to rub off.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

2. SpiderWire Ultracast Line

This line comes in many different size and weight options. This line is nearly invisible underwater, which means that it will not scare fish off. It is also quite a smooth fishing line, which helps when it comes to casting and feeding through the guides.

Now, this stuff does also have pretty decent knot strength so you won’t lose any line or lures. Also, being braided line does make this stuff very thin, and because of this small diameter, you can fit quite a bit of it onto a baitcasting reel’s spool.

The best aspect of this stuff is undoubtedly that it is ultra-low visibility. While it is really good in this sense, it does not excel particularly well in other ways. That said, overall its great line and it does have a small diameter, so you should be able to fit a fair amount of it onto a reel.


In terms of the weight of SpiderWire line, there are a few different options you can go with. You can choose weights ranging from 8 pounds to 65 pounds, which means that this line is ideal for smaller and medium size fishing purposes.

This stuff is made of advanced nylons, fluoropolymers and High Molecular Weight PE fibers, which is nice because it is fairly durable and has good impact resistance.

However, what does need to be mentioned here is that it does not have the best abrasion resistance, so beware of having it rub against obstacles.


In terms of memory, this line is alright, but not the best. It is made to have decently low memory so it should not retain too much of a shape, but it does have a bit of memory.

It should be alright for casting and retrieval, and it should not really knot up on your spool either, but this will only go so far. Due to a bit of memory, you might have to replace this line more often than others.


This line has just a little bit of stretch, which is not too bad, but not great either. It will stretch a little bit, and therefore is not the most sensitive line out there. It is sensitive enough to feel some nibbles, but maybe not the smallest of nibbles.


  • Very low visibility.
  • Good impact resistance.
  • Small diameter.
  • Good knot strength.
  • Comes in various weight classes.


  • Not too much abrasion resistance.
  • Not the best in terms of memory or stretch.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

3. KastKing Masters Monofilament Line

Yes, braided line is great for baitcasting reels, but it does have some limitations, which is why we are also including some monofilament line here.

This stuff actually comes in with a very high level of quality and several good features.

Although this stuff does not have as small a diameter as braided line, it’s not too thick, so you should still be able to fit a good amount of it onto any baitcasting reel for some far distance fishing, plus it allows for long distance casting too.

Moreover, it does have quite a smooth finish, which is a bonus because it makes it easier to cast as it feeds through the guides without effort. What is also quite impressive about KastKing Masters Line is that it has excellent knot strength and is easy to tie knots with.

It does also come in several colors, many of which are low visibility, but do keep in mind that the color can wear off fairly easily on this line.


This line comes in various weight classes, but not too many. This stuff ranges from 4 pound to 25 pound options. While this stuff works well for small time fishing purposes, you probably do not want to use it for large or even medium size fish.

This line is made with high quality materials, has good impact resistance, and is quite resistant to abrasion as well. Although it does not come in very high weight options, the weight options it does come in are still quite strong and durable.


In terms of memory, this line is not the best. We will admit that. Now, it comes with some special technology which should help with winding so it does not get knotted on the reel.

With that being said, it does feature some memory, which means that it does retain some shape. What we need to say is that it has very low memory for monofilament line, but more memory than braided line.

It’s pretty good, but not the best, as it will slightly limit casting and smooth retrieval when compared to braided line.


When it comes to stretch and sensitivity, KastKing Line is pretty good. Once again, it is not as sensitive as braided line, and it has a bit more stretch, but for mono line, it is actually fairly impressive. It should allow you to feel fairly small nibbles with ease.


  • Comes in many color options.
  • Good for smaller fishing applications.
  • Fairly small diameter.
  • Smooth finish.
  • Great knot strength.
  • High level of durability.


  • More stretch than most braided lines.
  • More memory than most braided lines.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

4. Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon Line

We figured it would be nice to include all sorts of fishing line here, so here we have a fluorocarbon options, which comes with its own set of benefits, and yes, a couple of drawbacks too.

One of the best parts about Seaguar Line is that it is nearly invisible under water. It has very low visibility, which is great for many types of fishing, as it will not scare away fish.

Another impressive aspect of this line is that it does have really good knot strength. The knots are easy to tie, and once tied, are quite secure, so you don’t have to worry about lost lures and fish getting away due to poor knots.

It has a fairly small diameter when compared to others. It’s convenient because it allows you to increase your range and fit more line onto your baitcasting reel.


What we are quite impressed by here is the high level of durability that you get with this fluorocarbon fishing line. For one, here you can choose between different weight options ranging from 4 to 20 pounds.

As you can see, it is a good option if you are going for smaller fish, but not for larger ones. Moreover, it does have a fairly high level of abrasion resistance when compared to other fluorocarbon lines. It does also come with a special chemical treatment to ensure a high level of UV and corrosion resistance.

All in all, although it does not come in very heavy options, the weight options it does come in are quite tough.


Ok, one thing that does need to be said about this line is that it does have pretty bad line memory. It will retain the shape of the spool or reel it is on, at least to a higher degree than either braided or mono line.

This is of course not a very good thing, as it increases the chances of knotting on the reel or getting wrapped around the rod tip, while simultaneously decreasing casting distance and retrieval smoothness.


Now, in terms of stretch and sensitivity, Seaguar Red Label Line is OK. It does have a little bit of stretch, so it is not the most sensitive line out there. It should be sensitive enough for most basic fishing purposes, but not nearly as good as a no stretch braided line.


  • Very low visibility.
  • Good knot strength.
  • Quite durable and resistant to various things.
  • Decent sensitivity for fluorocarbon line.
  • Good for smaller fishing applications.
  • Fairly smooth.
  • Small diameter.


  • Pretty bad in terms of line memory.
  • Much less sensitive than most braided lines.
  • Not ideal for larger fish.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

5. Power Pro Spectra Fiber Line

When it comes to baitcasting reels, we do think that braided line is the best option to go with, so we have decided to round off our list with one more type of braided line.

What we do like here is that Power Pro Spectra Line is made in the USA, which we see as a big bonus. This stuff has a super small diameter, and does actually come in various diameter options. This means that you can fit a whole lot of it onto a single spool in order to increase operational distance.

However, one thing that does need to be mentioned here is that it is not the smoothest of all fishing lines out there, so this does limit smooth retrievals and casting distance just a little bit, but not too much.

We do like how this line comes in various color options, some of which are high visibility and some which are low visibility, although the color does wear off pretty fast.

Another impressive aspect here is that for braided line, this line actually has really good knot strength, something which we did not expect.


This line comes in many different weight options. These range all the way from 8 to 150 pounds. In other words, you can get the weight that is right for your fishing needs, and you can go for all size of fish with this stuff, even some fairly large contenders.

The Spectra fiber used here is about as tough as it can get. It has a super high level of abrasion and impact resistance for big time fishing needs. It is also resistant to corrosion, all kinds of chemicals, and to UV light too.

All in all, this is indeed one of the toughest braided line out there right now in our opinion.


In terms of memory, Power Pro is very good no doubt. It has barely any memory at all. This makes it excellent because it should never get wrapped around the tip of your rod, nor should it decrease retrieval rates or casting distance.


The other thing worth mentioning about this particular line is that it has nearly zero stretch. This comes in handy for several reasons, with one of them being that this stuff has excellent hook setting power and speed so fish do not get away. This also makes Power Pro very sensitive and should allow you to feel even the smallest of nibbles.


  • Comes in many weight options.
  • Comes in many color options – some low visibility.
  • Very low line memory.
  • Very little stretch and great sensitivity.
  • Good knot strength.
  • All around high durability .
  • Small diameter.


  • Colors tend to rub off fairly fast.
  • Not the smoothest of line out there.

You can check the current price on Amazon here



When all is said and done, there are many good options out there for baitcaster reels. We have included our favorite braided lines, as well as some fluorocarbon and monofilament options too. We would personally recommend going with one of the braided options as they tend to have the least stretch, the most sensitivity, they are durable, and have some other great features too, like low line memory.

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