Best Line For Abu Garcia Black Max

Best Line For Abu Garcia Black Max: 5 Good Picks

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If you have just picked up a new Black Max reel then the next thing on your agenda is finding the right line.

There are a lot of good options out there but we wanted to narrow it down a bit to help you find the best line for your Abu Garcia Black Max reel (Power Pro Spectra is our top pick, you can see it on Amazon here), it’s mostly down to preference but personally we like these 5 the most. Here is why.

Mono, Fluorocarbon Or Braided?

Before we jump into our 5 picks, we just want to give a quick rundown of Mono, Flouro and Braided line as this is also a common question, which is best?

There really is no right or wrong answer, it really comes down to preference (ours being Flouro) but each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages;

1. Mono

This is usually nylon based line and is aptly named monofilament because of its single strand. One of the benefits of mono line is that it has really great knot strength.

Monofilament line also has pretty good resistance to abrasion, tensile strength, and decent impact resistance too. When it comes to visibility, it is middle of the line.

Mono line does have drawbacks, with lower sensitivity being one, as well, it tends to not have the best memory, and tends to absorb water, thus getting weaker over time.

2. Fluoro

The biggest advantage that you get with fluoro line, or fluorocarbon line, is that it is nearly invisible under water. When it comes down to it, for stealth fishing, or in other words, when you want to ensure that fish don’t see the line, this is the way to go.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of fluoro line is that it has bad knot strength, however in itself it is quite tough.

3. Braided

Now, if you need really tough line with insane tensile strength and abrasion resistance, then braided line is the way to go. This stuff is the strongest around, it has great durability, it usually has great sensitivity, and next to no memory issues either.

It can be a little too high visibility for some fishing situations, and tying knots with it can be a challenge too.

Top 5 Lines For Abu Garcia Black Max

Here are our 5 picks that we feel are some of the best line options at the moment for an Abu Garcia Black Max reel;

1. Power Pro Spectra

This is braided fishing line, so it is extremely tough, durable, and abrasion resistant, making it ideal for heavy duty fishing needs. Moreover, what is impressive here is that although it is very durable, it also has very little stretch. This is important, and when combined with the special body enhancement treatment, makes for fishing line that is very sensitive and easily allows you to feel nibbles, even very small nibbles.

What is also nice about Power Pro line is that it is quite smooth, and therefore allows for some pretty long distance casting and fast retrievals. This fishing line comes in various test options ranging from 8 to 100 pounds test.

We do like this selection because it means you can use it for light, medium, and heavy fishing needs. Moreover, you can choose to get a spool as short as 150 yards or as long as 3000 yards. Finally, Power Pro Spectra comes in various colors including white, green, high visibility yellow, red, and a couple of others too.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

2. Berkley Big Game

Berkley Big Game line gets the job done no doubt. Do keep in mind that this is monofilament fishing line, which is nice because it’s not too visible and doesn’t have much stretch either.

Now, this stuff is actually fairly durable, especially where monofilament line is concerned. It is designed to be very tough, and it is designed to be very resistant to abrasion.

What is nice about this monofilament line is that it has really good knot strength for easy knot tying and to ensure that your lures don’t go missing. It might not be as tough as braided line, but it does have its benefits. The fact that this stuff does not have much stretch, only minimal, does allow for a fairly high degree of sensitivity, an important aspect.

What does need to be said here is that Berkley Big Game does have some memory, which is not great. On the other hand, here you can choose to get a spool of up to 6000 yards, and the pound test goes all the way from 8 to 130 pounds.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

3. Berkley FireLine

Berkley FireLine is meant to be a high visibility line that is very easy to see. Now, it does make for good fishing line, but it might be a bit too bright and visible to be used as a leader, because fish will probably see it.

However, it is a good option to use for the topside so you can see it. This line comes in a couple of high visibility colors and is intended to be a tracer line. The whole point of it is so you can easily see movement, or in other words, it’s bright and easy to see so you won’t miss it when a fish strikes. However, admittedly, it is not the best option to go with if you are worried about the fish seeing the line.

Either way, this Berkley FireLine is quite strong. Keep in mind that this is braided line, so it is outstandingly tough, it has good impact resistance, and is really resistant to abrasion as well. What we do also like about this stuff is that it features an outstanding level of sensitivity, so you can always feel it when you get a nibble or a strike.

It is said to be about 3 times stronger than your average monofilament line. This line comes in various length options ranging up to 1500 yards, and various test options ranging from 4 to 30 pounds test. It’s not meant for really big game fishing, but should do just fine for medium size fish.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

4. P-Line Floroclear

Now, this fishing line is more or less the exact opposite of the one we just looked at, at least in terms of visibility. As the name implies, P-Line Floroclear is virtually invisible, both under and above water.

The obvious benefit here is that this is stealthy fishing line which is hard for fish to see, and therefore there is little chance that this stuff will scare away fish. Of course, for a dark day, or if you really need to see your line, and line movement, then P-Line might not be the best option.

However, it definitely makes for a prime time option for stealth fishing. Do keep in mind that this is fluorocarbon line, so it is not the toughest of all fishing lines. It does have a decent amount of durability for what it is, but it cannot hold a candle to something like braided superline. Either way, you can get P-Line Floroclear in test options ranging from 2 to 30 pounds test.

This means that you can use this fishing line for smaller and medium size fishing applications, but not for fish that are exceedingly large. Now, what is beneficial about this fishing line is that it has awesome knot strength for easy knot tying and so lures don’t come loose.
This line is super smooth and very easy to cast far distances, and therefore also pretty good for fast retrievals.

On a side note, when compared to other fluorocarbon lines, this stuff has limited memory, but it still has some memory, which is a bit of a drawback.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

5. Piscifun Braided Fishing Line

If you are on the hunt for super strong and durable braided fishing line for your Abu Garcia Black Max, then the Piscifun braided line is a good option. Something that is nice about this fishing line is that it comes in 2 braid options, one with 4 braided lines and one with 8.

The test options ranging from 6 to 50 pounds test have 4 strands in the braid, whereas the 50 to 150 pound test options have 8 strands in the braid. In other words, this stuff is definitely about as tough as can be, and has a ridiculous amount of tensile strength, as well as impact and abrasion resistance.

What is also worth mentioning about the Piscifun braided line is that it has very low memory, so it won’t absorb water or retain the shape of the spool. This makes casting and retrieving much easier, especially when it comes to something like backlash.

Moreover, in terms of casting and retrieving, this stuff is made to be super smooth and round, which is a big bonus. In terms of stretch, this line has minimal stretch, and therefore has excellent sensitivity so you can easily feel nibbles. On a side note, this stuff is pretty highly visible, so it is no recommended for stealth fishing.

You can check the current price on Amazon here


We have tried to give a bit of variety with our 5 picks here, but in our opinion they are all solid picks for your Abu Garcia Black Max. The rest really just comes down to your own preference on monofilament, fluorocarbon or braided line.