11 Best Ice Fishing Lures For Bluegill

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Most people agree that the best way to catch bluegill and other pan fish while ice fishing is to engage in either vertical or horizontal jigging. Also, generally speaking, bright, colorful, reflective, and glow in the dark lures work best, because it is fairly dark under the ice.

So you need something to really catch the attention of the fish. Lures that make noise don’t hurt either. Here is a rundown of the what we think are the best ice fishing lures for bluegill out there right now.


Top 11 Ice Fishing Lures For Bluegill

We have included some single lures, but we have also included a bunch of ice fishing lure kits as well, ones with multiple lures included in each kit.

1. ZWMING Ice Fishing Jigs Kit

Here we have a nice kit of 25 different ice fishing lures that can be used for bluegill, bass, trout, walleye, and perch. Here you get 6 different shapes of jigs, all of which are great for jigging in the ice.

You get 2 fairly large balance jigs with large treble hooks, 6 insect jigs, 6 ant egg jigs, 5 bucket jigs, 6 whale jigs, and of course the tackle box to hold them all.

The jigs are made to be quite strong and should have no problems dealing with both winter weather and bluegill. Some of these jigs actually glow in the dark, and even in minimal lighting, which can definitely help attract more fish to the scene.

These are some pretty basic ice fishing jigs, but they come in all shapes and sizes, which means that if one does not work for the bluegill you are hunting, another probably will.

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2. Kenders Outdoors 36 Piece Tungsten Jig Kit

Another good option to go with, this is a slightly bigger kit than the one we just looked at. It comes with a total of 36 different ice fishing jigs, all of which are great for all kinds of pan fish like bluegill.

One thing we can say here is that these things are very colorful, and they come with many different patterns and color schemes to help attract as many fish as possible.

The lures themselves are fairly light, but are designed to sink fast so they get to the bluegill quicker. Here you get 12 large 5 mm tungsten jigs, 12 medium 4 mm tungsten jigs, and 12 small 3 mm tungsten jigs.

That’s right, they are made of tungsten, so you definitely do not have to worry about quality, plus the hooks are super sharp and ready to snag a bluegill at any moment.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

3. Lindy Ice Worm Jig

The Lindy Ice Worm Jig is a good option to go with for horizontal jigging. It has a specially placed loop so you can tie on your lie in order to keep this jig horizontal. It is designed to sink really fast to get down to the fish quickly, and it is designed to be jigged vertically.

It looks like a little worm, and it is something that bluegill usually love to eat. It’s a good option for fishing over soft bottomed zones, but works well in most situations either way. This thing comes in 4 different sizes ranging from #12 to #16 hooks, plus it comes in 17 great color patterns too.

The hooks are made of tungsten, so you know they are tough. All colors used here are super bright, with greatly varying patterns to ensure maximum efficacy. Some of these lures even glow in the dark to attract even more bluegill than you thought possible.

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4. Your Bobbers Down FISKAS Epoxy Wolfram Jig

This is a good all around pan fish ice fishing jig to go with, one that does work quite well for bluegill. It’s an insect egg shaped jig, something which bluegill and other pan fish love to eat. These jigs are all made of tungsten and are designed to sink fast.

They are small, but they are also heavy, which means you can use a small lure to get down to the bluegill pretty quick. These come with a so called sticky sharp hook, which allows for very fast and secure hook setting.

These things come in many different color patterns, bright colors, and they all have spots for contrast. Some of these are also made to glow in the dark, which helps attract even more fish from far and wide.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

5. Lindy Darter Rattling Ice Fishing Bait

Yet another good option to go with, the Lindy Darter Rattling Ice Fishing Bait is great for bluegill and all other kinds of pan fish ice fishing needs. For one, it comes in many different colors and color patterns, so you can choose the one which works best for your specific situation.

Some of these even glow in the dark to ensure maximum luring. They also have premium holographic finished to ensure that they reflect as much light as possible to lure fish in from far and wide.

These things are actually designed to mimic an injured baitfish, as they feature an erratic darting pattern when you are cranking them in. It’s something that should definitely attract bluegill and other pan fish. If the colors and shininess is not enough, these things also come with a loud rattling chamber.

The loud rattling sound goes a long way in spiking the curiosity of bluegill and other nearby fish. These things also come with fairly large treble hooks, 2 of them in fact, for maximum hook setting efficacy.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

6. Rapala Jigging Rap

This next option is another great one for horizontal jigging techniques when ice fishing for bluegill and other pan fish. These are designed to look like minnows, which is one of the favorite foods of the bluegill.

They have a well balanced design to ensure that they always stay vertical in the water. They are also quite heavy and designed to sink fast so they quickly get down to the level of the bluegill under the ice.

The Rapala Jigging Rap feature triple hooks for maximum hook setting efficacy. They come with 2 single hooks, as well as a treble hook located on the belly. One of the three hooks here is bound to snag a fish. What is cool here is that the Rapala Jigging Raps come in various colors and color patterns.

There are standard colors, UV light designs, and glow in the dark options too. It’s a good option that is very versatile and comes in lots of bright color choices to lure in bluegill from far and wide.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

7. Acme Kastmaster Lure


Another good option to go with, the Acme Kastmaster Lure is a good rattling spoon for ice fishing for bluegill, other pan fish, and a couple of other species too. These spoons are designed to move a whole lot when you are cranking them in.

They spin a little bit, which helps to catch the eye of fish, plus they also make a decent amount of noise, something else which helps to lure the fish in.

These things are made of solid brass, so they won’t bend, break, or corrode anytime soon, and they all feature solid treble hooks for fast and efficient hook setting. These things are ultra light, and designed for smaller bluegill, but they do sink fairly fast.

Now, they come in tons of different color options and they are all designed to be bright and feature lots of contrast. What is nice is that these things create a lot of movement without causing your line to twist.

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8. Lindy Frostee Spoon

When it comes to ice fishing, you will be hard pressed to find a lure better than this one. This is a very brightly colored spoon lure. The body is designed to mimic a minnow and other injured baitfish.

It is designed to create quite a bit of movement in the water, all without twisting up your line. It is also made to create a bit of noise in the water, something else which should help attract bluegill and other pan fish.

Moreover, these all come in very bright techni-glow colors. This means that they all have super bright colors, they are holographic to create a lot of shine and sparkle, and they even glow in the dark to a certain extent too. They come complete with a large eye in the front to make them super realistic.

The treble hook used here is very tough, it should be able to hook fish no problem, and it features a bright red color to lure in fish as far as they eye can see.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

9. Krazywolf 25 Piece Glow in Dark Ice Fishing Jig Kit

If you want to engage in either vertical or horizontal jigging to catch those blue gill and other pan fish, this Krazywolf 25 Piece Glow in Dark Ice Fishing Jig Kit is a nice option to go with.

First off all, all of these lures have wildly varying color patterns with a large amount of contrast to really attract the attention of nearby fish. As the name of these lures implies, they are glow in the dark lures, which makes them perfect for dark ice fishing conditions.

These are great for beginners because they can be used to jig vertically or horizontally, they work for many different species, and they allow for maximum luring too. These are made of led, which can be problematic, but they are heavy and they sink fast for quick action fishing.

Here you can choose between a 25, 35, or 45 piece kit, each of which include a diverse variety of lure shapes including tubes, whales, injured baitfish and more.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

10. Seanlure Neon Ants Kit

Bluegill, crappie, and other pan fish love to eat ants and other insects, which makes these Seanlure Neon Ants Kit a good option to go with for ice fishing. Here you get a total of 4 ice fishing ant lures, each of which have a different color pattern and are all made for high contrast, plus they each have different colors too.

These are neon ant lures, which means that they are specially designed to glow in the dark. Their bodies glow in the dark, which is also true for the tip of the hook. The hooks here are designed to be tough, and for quick hook setting too.

Another feature of these ant baits is that they are designed to sink quickly, so they get down to the level of the fish quite fast. Seanlure Neon Ants Kit are designed for vertical jigging, a great technique for bluegill ice fishing.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

11. GLOW Ice Jigs

To round off our list, here are these GLOW Ice Jigs, which are perfect for blue gill, crappie, and other pan fish. These are made with high quality eagle claw Aberdeen hooks, which are great for quick hook setting.

These are also designed to sink fairly fast, which is great for this kind of ice fishing. These are skirted jigs, so they do create a whole lot of movement in the water. Keep in mind that these are designed for horizontal jigging, not for vertical jigging.

Here you get a 6 pack of lures, each of which are designed to glow in the dark, making them perfect for darker conditions, especially ice fishing. What we do like here is that these things are made in the USA, which is always a bonus.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

Some Bluegill Ice Fishing Tips

Now that you have the right lures in your arsenal, you actually have to find the bluegill first. Yes, finding the bluegill under the ice can be the hardest part of this whole exercise. Let’s quickly go over a few blue gill ice fishing tips to help you find the biggest ones possible;

Water Clarity

What you need to know is that bluegill will move up and down the water column, and it is really hard to determine where the fish are in terms of water depth.

Bluegill’s pay more attention to water clarity than anything else, as well as oxygenation. If the water is cloudy where you are, you might want to move to an area where the water is clearer, regardless of water depth.

Shallow & Deep Water

In the beginning of the winter, bluegill fish often love to be in the shallow water, in the weeds. However, as the winter goes on, oxygenation in the water decreases, and they are forced to head to deeper water, often without weeds or plants.

The bottom line is that if there are good standing patches of weeds and plants under the ice, bluegill will usually be there, whether shallow or not.

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Sticky Bottom Flats

Sticky bottom flats are another thing you want to look for if you are on the hunt for bluegill, areas that are flat between drop off zones. If the area is flat, the water is shallow, and there are weeds present, chances are that you will find bluegill or other pan fish.

If the water is deeper and without weeds, it might still have a lot of burrowing insect larvae, which can also attract a lot of bluegill.

A good tactic is to be in a group of 3 to 4 people, and have each person drill a few holes, and fish all of them at once. This will ensure a wide coverage of area and should maximize your chances of catching something.

You also need to remember to use a line with little or no stretch. These fish can be pretty small, so you need to be able to feel their nibbles, which means having sensitive line. You also want the line to be fairly thin so your jig or other lure can hang straight and move freely.

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As you can see, there are plenty of good bluegill ice fishing lures out there. There are vertical and horizontal jigs, tubes, rattlers, and even some good crank baits too. The main thing here is that you have a really bright lure with contrasting colors, preferably something holographic that really shines and reflects minimal amounts of light, or even something that glows in minimal lighting (also make sure to use the right size hooks) and swivels.

If you engage in vertical or horizontal jigging, and you find an area where bluegill hang out under the ice, especially if you use any of the lures we have looked at above, you should have no problems catching some fairly large bluegill.

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