5 Best Floats For Crappie Fishing & Why

Best Floats For Crappie Fishing

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When it comes to crappie fishing, using floats is a really popular method. It is a good way to make sure the hook doesn’t sink too far down in the water, and it helps with detecting strikes too.

With that being said, finding the right crappie float is not as easy as you might think. We are here now to help you find the best floats for crappie fishing (the Rattlin Pear is our top pick) and let you know what you should look out for.


What Makes A Good Crappie Float / Bobber?

Here is a rundown of the 5 main things that make a good float for Crappie fishing;

1. Color

For one, you want the float for crappie fishing to be fairly bright in color. Bright greens, yellow, pink, red and other such colors work fine. Not only that, but you want there to be multiple colors on it.

That contrast will help to attract fish, plus it also makes it easier for you to detect movement when a fish strikes.

2. Material

The material which the crappie float is made of is quite important to keep in mind as well. Usually these things will be made of either plastic or wood.

Personally, we like the wooden ones more as they tend to have a higher level of durability than plastic ones, especially when it comes to chipping, cracking, and corrosion. However, plastic ones work just fine too.

3. Size

The size of the float is important to consider as well. A good float is going to be of a decent size, but it does really depend on what you need it for.

Larger floats usually work better for larger fish, and vice versa. Also, larger floats tend to have better buoyancy in rough waters and are more visible too.

4. A Spring

As you might have noticed, some floats come with a spring at the bottom. This is something that comes in handy if you want to engage in set rig float fishing. The best floats will also allow for slip float fishing at the same time.

5. Sound/Light

There are some special floats out there which produce sound and/or light. The ones which produce sound are nice because it allows you to hear strikes from far away, plus they tend to attract fish too. The ones which emit light are nice for night time crappie fishing.

We have covered some good information here on the right baits to use too.

Top 5 Floats For Crappie Fishing

Here we have what we think are the 5 very best crappie fishing floats that you can go with.

1. Mr Crappie Rattlin Pear Floats

These Mr Crappie Rattlin Pear floats are a good way to go. For one, you get 3 of them in a single pack, which is nice because floats do have a tendency to go missing on occasion. These particular ones are bright green and bright yellow, so they definitely have a lot of contrast and brightness to them, making them really easy for crappie to see.

One of the best aspects of these floats is that they come with a rattle on the inside. For one, the sound should help to attract crappie, plus it is a good feature because it will allow you to hear nibbles audibly.

These floats are made of heavy duty plastic that is sure to last for quite some time, plus they are fairly wide and buoyant, so they float fairly well. What’s also nice is that these things come with a simple clip on design so you can accurately set the depth of your lure.

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2. South Bend Wooden Spring Float

This is another type of high quality float to choose for crappie fishing. Now, here you get 2 South Bend Wooden Spring Floats in the package, which is nice because it provides you with a backup in case one goes missing. Moreover, we do like how these things are made of high quality balsa wood. For one, the quality here is nice, because they are crack, chip, and corrosion resistant. They really should not crack or break just from some normal crappie fishing.

The fact that they are made of wood automatically means that they won’t corrode, plus wood is way better for the environment than plastic. What is convenient here is that you can choose the size of float that works best for you, as it comes in 5 different sizes.

Moreover, these floats have a high level of contrast, using white, orange, green, and black to really attract fish, plus to make it easy for you to see as well. The springs included here make seeing the nibbles easy, plus they make it easy to attach to your line as well. These things are also designed for accurate casting.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

3. Thkfish Wooden Oval Stick Float

The thkfish Wooden Oval Float makes quick work of most fish. To make these things highly visible to you, so you can see bites, and to make these things attractive to the fish, they come in orange, red, white, and green colorations. They are bright and have a high level of contrast, which is indeed quite important for crappie fishing.

These foats are made of high quality balsa wood. Using wood for floats is good because they are fairly eco-friendly, plus they will never corrode. Wood does not corrode. Moreover, they are known for their high level of durability, plus they have a crack and chip resistant finish too. They allow for good long distance casting and won’t come apart after just a few casts.

The addition of the spring is nice as well, because it allows you to easily feel nibbles, like a true floater should, plus of course it works for set floats. These things are fairly large and wide, so they are ideal for pretty big fish, as well, they are very buoyant even in rough waters.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

4. Thill Crappie Cork

When it comes down to it, this is actually one of our favorite floats to go with for crappie fishing. Now, here you do only get one single float in a pack, which is not fantastic as we do like to have some spares on hand. However, this is not to say that the single Thill Crappie Cork which you get is not a good option.

For one, here you can select from 3 different sizes, which is nice because depending on the type of fish you are going for, the kind of casting distance you want to achieve, and the water conditions, you can choose between the ¼ inch, 1/8 inch, and 3/8 inch options.

Moreover, if you need something that will attract fish really well, and something that is easy for you to spot on the water, this is a good option too. It comes complete with really bright and high contrast yellow, black, and pink paint.

You and the crappie definitely won’t be able to overlook it. The spring included on the bottom makes it ideal for set rig fishing and doesn’t hurt when it comes to sensitivity either.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

5. Thill Nite Brite Lighted Float

This thing comes in an orange and green coloration. It is pretty bright and features a decent amount of contrast, and is therefore easy for you to see, plus it should attract fish too. It does actually come in a few different colors. However, of course, the key feature here is that the Thill Nite Brite Lighted Float lights up with a battery powered light.

Yes folks, this is an LED float, which will definitely attract crappie and other fish from far and wide, plus it makes it easy for you to detect movement in the night as well. The battery is easy to replace whenever needed by unscrewing the top section. The Thill Nite Float comes in 2 sizes, which is nice because you can change things up depending on your needs.

However, do keep in mind that all of the sizes here are fairly large. Moreover, what is also convenient here is that you can use this thing as a slip or fixed float. This float is made of plastic and is perfectly buoyant, but keep in mind that durability is not a big strength here.

You can check the current price on Amazon here


As you can see, there are quite a few good options to go with for crappie fishing. Just make sure you get something that actually floats well, is durable, and has a lot of contrast too. Personally we do like the ones which make sounds or emit lights.

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