Best Fishing Pole For 5 Year Old: Reviews

Best Fishing Pole For 5 Year Old

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Fishing is a great way of spending time with your kids and they are never too young to start learning, especially if you have some experience yourself. I started fishing myself when I was around 5-6 and have continued to this date (when time allows).

A common issue we find is people struggling to find the right starting tackle for kids and this is a topic that we want to focus on today, specifically on finding the best fishing pole for 5 year olds (this is our top pick) which is about the right age to introduce a fishing pole to them in our opinion.

The short answer is a 5 year old needs a fishing pole that is lightweight, comfortable and super easy to use. It’s easy to get caught up into looking at the normal features like rod brand, action and power but for kids rods it’s best to forget about these and just focus on keeping things simple and fun.


What To Look For In A Fishing Pole For Kids

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Now, before you go out and buy your 5 year boy or girl a fishing pole, or any kind of fishing gear, there are a couple of key considerations that you want to look out for.

Remember you should not be looking for the same things as you would look for in a fishing rod for yourself as an adult.

Here we are looking for simple factors and features, just basic things that are important for kids so they can learn and have fun.


A fishing pole for a 5 year old definitely needs to be very lightweight. Ideally, something around 1 pound is fine, or 2 pounds at the very most, but definitely nothing heavier than that.


For a 5 year old child, a rod between 3 and 5 feet is more than long enough. Depending on the size of your child, even a 5 foot rod might be a bit too long depending on the size of your kid.


You do want a fishing pole for your child that is fairly durable. Children can be really rough with toys and tools, so a fiberglass, strong plastic, or lightweight metal rod is what you should look out for.

Make no mistake about it though, because a rod for a 5 year old is not going to be able to handle much stress, so don’t try and use it for anything remotely heavy.

Ease of Use

For kids, you always want to go with a really simple spin cast rod. A spinning rod with a bail, or a baitcasting rod, definitely will not do for a young child.

A simple spin cast rod that only requires your child to press a button while casting, and then turning a handle to retrieve, is as complicated as you want to go.


A portable rod is something else to look out for when you buy a fishing pole for kids. Something that comes in a few pieces, or is telescopic, is what you want for kids (we have covered more telescopic options here).

The point here is that you are going to be the one carrying, storing, and assembling it, so something that is easy for you to deal with is best.

Some Extras

Usually, when you buy a fishing pole for a young child, you are not just buying a pole. For the most part, as you will see from our reviews, most come complete with a reel, a tackle box, a carrying case, and a bunch of tackle too.

Getting an all in one kit is a good way to get started and makes it more fun for your kids so they have something to look after and learn about.

Side Note: Yes it’s all about having fun and spending time with your kids but it’s also important to be safety aware, here are some good general tips to follow.

Best Fishing Pole For 5 Year Olds: Our 5 Picks

We narrowed it down to these 5 options for kids for various reasons which we will cover more below, We have picked mostly fully stocked kits that come with baits a lures as well, just nice little kits to get your children started with fishing.

Again we have really just focused on simple features like durability, comfort and easy of use which are the key things in our opinion.

1. PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole Kit

This is quite the nice little fishing pole kit, as it comes with a fairly durable pole that is easy to use, a tackle box, and a whole lot of tackle too. It comes with a ton of different artificial baits, lures, bobbers, sinkers, hooks, swivels, and other such things too.

It even comes with a nice little carrying case for easy transportation and secure storage. Overall It’s a good option for a 5 year old to get familiar with fishing.

Durability & Function

This Pole has a decent amount of durability to it. The materials used here are durable enough for a 5 year old to catch some really small fish, but this thing is made of plastic for the most part, so no serious fishing can be done with it.

With that being said, it’s a great training rod for a little boy or girl. This rod is meant to be used in freshwater only, so don’t let it get used in saltwater, because it will break down fast. In terms of function, of course, it’s no professional fishing rod, but it works well enough for a 5 year old.

Comfort & Ease Of Use

This pole is very easy to use no doubt. It features a simple release button, just like on any other spin cast reel. Press the button while casting, and use the crank to reel the line back in. Here you can choose between a pole that is 47 or 57 inches long, so you can make sure that its size suits your child.

It’s definitely a very lightweight fishing pole, more than light enough for your child to use for a couple of hours without getting tired. To put it away, or to take it out, simple extend or retract it, as it is a telescopic fishing pole, which makes things easier for the kids and for you. This Pole comes with a simple and soft ABS grip that is fairly comfortable to hold.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Telescopic and portable.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • Durable enough for a child.
  • Comes with a bunch of extras.


  • Not meant for serious fishing.
  • Not for use in saltwater.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

2. Lanaak Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

This is another very simple and basic fishing pole that any 5 year old should be able to use. It comes with a very simple to use spin cast rod, a telescopic one that is lightweight and easy to use.

It also comes with a fully loaded tackle box that includes a whole lot of lures, baits, hooks, and other such things to get your child started. Even better, here you also get a net, a tackle box, and a carrying case too.

Durability & Function

This is a very simple fishing pole to go with. For one, it is made out of some impressively durable materials, at least for a kid’s fishing pole. No, you can’t use it for serious fishing applications, but it should be fine so your little boy or girl can catch some small fish.

All said, it’s actually surprisingly durable for what it is, and even comes with a fairly nice reel attached to it. Do keep in mind that this thing really should not be used in saltwater, nor will it be able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Yes, it functions well enough for basic casting and retrieval in moderate weather and freshwater conditions, but it is still a kid’s rod, so don’t expect too much out of it.

Ease Of Use & Comfort

In terms of ease of use and comfort, the rod itself barely weighs 2 pounds, so your child should be able to use it for several hours without getting tired. When it comes to transportation and storage, this is a telescopic pole, so you can retract and extend it. It comes in at just over 5 feet long, which should be fine for most kids between 5 and 12 years old.

It comes with a fairly soft foam handle, one that is comfortable to hold, although has limited durability. Like we mentioned before, this is just a simple spin cast reel, so all your child has to do is hold down the release button to cast, then turn the lever to reel the line back in.


  • Durable enough for basic kid’s use.
  • Very easy to use – basic spin cast rod.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Telescopic and portable.
  • Comes with a net, tackle box, carrying case, and tons of tackle.


  • Will not last for too long – not meant for heavy use.
  • Not ideal for extreme weather or saltwater.
  • Grips are not all that durable.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

3. Zebco Splash 402 Spin Cast Rod & Reel

This is a good option for your kid’s to get started with fishing and just to learn the basics, like casting and retrieval. This one is meant for very young kids, and it does show, but it’s a good training rod at least.

Durability & Function

In terms of durability, the Zebco Cast Rod & Reel is durable enough for kids between 3 and 6 years old to use for some basic casting and retrieval. It’s durable enough for a small arm to cast and to haul in a fish of 1 or 2 pounds at the most.

No, it’s not a heavy duty fishing rod, it’s not meant for teenagers, and it is not meant for hauling in big fish, plus it is only for freshwater too. Like we said, this is a very basic fishing rod with a very simplistic function.

It’s durable enough for a child to use for a summer of fun, but don’t expect too much out of it, especially if you have a classic boy or girl that loves to be rough with their toys and tools. It’s durable enough, and works well enough for training purposes, and just for a bit of fun too.

Ease Of Use & Comfort

Yes, the Zebco Splash 402 is super easy to use. It’s a basic spin cast rod and reel, so all that your child has to do is hold the button while casting, and crank the lever to reel the line back in. It could really not be simpler than that.

This is a super lightweight fishing rod, coming in at a super light weight, lighter than any others on this list so far.
It also has a comfortable foam handle so your kid’s fingers stay comfy for the duration of fishing.

This thing comes in at 4 feet long, making it perfect for smaller children, plus it features a 2 piece design for easy transportation and storage. You as the parent will have to put it together and take it apart.


  • Very simple design.
  • 2 pieces for transportation.
  • Super lightweight and comfortable.
  • Fine for basic children’s fishing (beginners/training).


  • Adult will need to assemble it.
  • Not the most durable option in town.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

4. Tightlines Kids Fishing Rod for Girls

It’s a nice little telescopic fishing rod, one that is durable enough for basic use. It’s a simple spin cast rod, one that comes with a little fishing book, a tackle box, and a bunch of tackle too. It is simple but effective, especially to teach a young lady how to catch a fish.

Durability & Function

In terms of durability, what is surprising here is that this fishing Rod actually quite durable. It should be able to handle a little child fishing for some very small fish with ease. What we do like is the rod tip protector that it comes with, because at least it will stay in one piece during transportation.

No, it’s not meant for saltwater use, or for heavy duty fishing, but for some simple casting and retrieval, it should work just fine. The pole itself is actually made of a lightweight metal, instead of plastic, which does help with durability.

This might actually be one of the more durable options on our list today, but make no mistake about it, you can’t do any kind of heavy duty fishing with it. It’s a simple option meant for kids.

Ease Of Use & Comfort

In terms of comfort, this thing comes with a comfortable foam handle that is ergonomically designed. It should be more than comfy enough to be used for a couple of hours. Moreover, this thing barely weighs 1 pound, making it a super lightweight option, which is great for little girls who don’t have too much muscle on them yet.

In terms of size, this rod is 50 inches when extended, so just over 4 feet long, which should be fine for a 5 year old girl. It is a telescopic fishing rod, which is great because it makes it easy to transport.

Of course, this is a kid’s fishing rod, or in other words, it is a very simple to use spin cast rod. It already comes spooled with line, it takes 1 button to cast it, and just crank on the lever to retrieve the line. It really could not be any easier than that.


  • Quite durable for what it is.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle.
  • Simple spin cast function.
  • Lightweight and telescopic.
  • Comes with a tackle box, some tackle, and a carrying bag.


  • Not meant for heavy duty use of any kind.
  • Cannot be used with saltwater.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

5. Multi Outools Kids Fishing Pole Kit

This is a great little fishing pole, reel, and tackle kit to go with, one that is ideal both for young girls and boys due to its ease of use and lightweight design.

It comes with a carrying case, a little tackle box, and a whole lot of tackle too. It comes with various artificial lures, hooks, beads, grubs, and a couple of other things too, all neatly packed in the little tackle box.

Durability & Function

We do actually think that as far as fishing rods for kids go, this thing is quite impressive in terms of durability. It is made with a fairly strong fiberglass rod body. Of course, it’s not as durable as an adult’s fishing rod, but more than durable enough to deal with some rough kids. It is actually quite flexible, so it should be able to withstand some weight with ease.

No, you can’t haul in a marlin with this thing, but a fish of a couple pounds should work just fine. It’s actually pretty impressive, because as far as kid’s fishing rods go, this one is actually one of the more durable ones out there.

What is also nice is that it can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, something you won’t often find with kid’s fishing rods.

Ease Of Use & Comfort

In terms of comfort, this thing comes with a strong handle, plus a great ABS grip too. Yes, it is fairly soft and comfortable to hold for a few hours. Moreover, it is a super lightweight rod, lighter than most other options out there, which is also great for kids, because they cannot lift very much, and not for too long either.

The handle is also ergonomically designed for proper hand position. Also, the Multi Outools Kids Fishing Pole Kit includes a telescopic fishing rod, which is great in terms of transportation and storage. The telescopic design of it is definitely quite convenient.

In terms of its ease of use, it’s nothing more than a basic spin cast rod. Just press a button while casting to release the line, and then crank the handle to reel it back in. It’s nice and simple, just for kids.


  • Very durable.
  • Lightweight and comfy.
  • Telescopic and portable.
  • Comes with a bunch of extras.
  • Can be used in saltwater.


  • Included tackle is lackluster.

You can check the current price on Amazon here


When all is said and done, there are plenty of good fishing rods out there for 5 year old children. Like we said before, you don’t have to look out for the same features you would look for with an adult’s fishing rod, like action, power, and backbone. Just focus on weight, length, durability and ease of use, these are the key things that make a good start rod for kids.

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