Best Color Braided Fishing Line For Surf Fishing

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Something that you might know is that using braided line for surf fishing can be very beneficial, especially due to its high level of abrasion resistance and due to the fact that it can resist saltwater quite well. However, with that being said, the color of braided line you choose does matter. So, what is the best colored braided fishing line for surf fishing?

Blue and Green are the two best and most recommended colors of braided fishing line for surf fishing as they are the most naturally camouflaged colors, so the fish will not see them whether you are surface or deeper under the surface.

Let’s take a look at exactly why green and blue braided fishing line are the best.


What Color Line Is Best for Surf Fishing?

There are of course a few different color options that you have to go with when it comes to braided fishing line. What you need to consider here is that conditions on beaches tend to be quite bright.

Moreover, ocean water, except if the tide is very strong and waves are kicking up sand, is usually quite clear.

Clear skies and clear water mean that there is a great visibility range in the water, and this of course means that fish will be able to see most fishing lines.

For the most part, people recommend using green braided line and blue braided line for surf fishing. Let’s take a look at why this is the case.

Green Braided Fishing line

When it comes to bay fishing, inshore fishing, surf fishing, and more, the number one most popular color of braided line is green.

The simple reality here is that green fishing line is by far the most invisible under water. We aren’t going to get too deep into the science of it here, but it all has to do with the different ways in which various colors absorb light. It’s all about light wavelengths.

Moreover, if the water has a green or bluish tinge to it, as ocean water tends to have, then green is definitely the best color to go with.

Green has a much shorter wavelength than other colors, which is already a big bonus. Due to the very short wavelength that green has, it doesn’t absorb light very easily and tends to remain very green working underwater.

Green braided line will continue to look fairly green even with extreme depth. Even better is the fact that green braided line will usually match the water’s greenish color, which therefore further decreases its visibility.

The bottom line here is that green braided fishing line is already naturally camouflaged, and it is by far the hardest color for fish to see in the water, and this is true whether you are right at the surface or deeper down.

Blue Braided Fishing Line

In terms of the best colors of braided fishing line to use besides the number one choice, which is green of course, the next one in line is blue.

Blue also has a very short wavelength, and it does not absorb much light. Water does tend to look quite blue in the sunlight, which makes blue braided fishing line the perfect option to go with due to camouflage reasons.

Even fish with the best eyesight will not be able to see blue braided line, even in shallow waters.

Blue fishing line does also tend to stay quite well camouflaged deeper under the surface. Green fishing line is great, but blue is the next best choice, depending on the conditions.

Other Colors – Red, Yellow, & More

OK, so what is important to note here is that some people like fishing line to be highly visible so that they themselves can see it.

However, this will of course not do you any favors at all when it comes to actually catching a fish, because fish are naturally skittish and are often scared by things that they don’t know.

Brightly colored fishing lines that they can easily see will definitely scare them off. Perhaps the absolute worst color of braided fishing line that you can use for surf fishing is red line.

Red Line absorbs a whole lot of light and as it gets deeper in the water it actually looks totally black. Black fishing line is obviously very visible underwater and will scare off mostly anything.

Other colors like yellow and purple fishing line generally suffer from the same problems, although red is by far the worst.

Does Line Color Matter for Surf Fishing?

Yes, absolutely does the fishing line color matter for surf fishing, just like it matters for any other type of fishing too.

The color of braided fishing line you choose for surf fishing may very well directly impact how many fish you catch, if you catch any at all.

Simply put, if the color of fishing line is far too visible, you are going to scare away all possible catches.

However, if you have fishing line that is very well camouflaged and hard to see, then you are much more likely to attract fish to the lure.

Yeah, you being able to see the fishing line might be good for some cases, but generally speaking, no matter what, bright line will very likely scare fish away.

How Do You Camouflage Braided Line?

Besides choosing the right color of braided line for surf fishing, the only thing that you can really do to camouflage it is to use a leader that is a different color or even better, made out of a different material.

Most people who want to camouflage braided line for surf fishing will end up using a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader.

Fluorocarbon fishing line is by far the least visible underwater and it is hailed by fishermen for the fact that it does not scare fish away.

You can use a fluorocarbon leader that is two or three feet in length which will separate the lure or bait from your braided line must greatly decreasing its overall visibility.

Now, you do of course need to consider that fluorocarbon fishing line is not the strongest out there, so this is a consideration that you need to be aware of.

You can also try using monofilament leaders. Monofilament fishing line is slightly more visible than fluorocarbon fishing line, but still much less visible than braided line.

Just remember that you also need to match the color of the line to the water color and the conditions of the day.



The bottom line here is that for the biggest chances of catching a fish in the surf, you want to go with green braided fishing line, and if the water looks bluer than green on the given day, then blue braided fishing line should be your next choice.

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