Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500s Review

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500s Review

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This is a heavy duty baitcasting reel that is intended for all kinds of baits, especially larger ones, it as a solid and durable design, and it offers a heck of a lot of control over your casting.

This is our Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500s review where we take a very in-depth look of what this particular reel has to offer, the good and the bad to see how it measures up against the competition (you can check the current price and more info on Amazon here).

Features & Specs

When it comes to the Ambassadeur 6500s, there is quite a lot to say. It has a plethora of really neat and useful features that make it easy to catch those big fish and to cast your bait with accuracy.

The Drag System

The first thing that needs mentioning when it comes to this particular baitcasting reel is in relation to the drag system. Having a good drag system is always fairly important when it comes to fishing, especially when you are going for those big guys.

If you do not have a good drag system, a big fish can pull a whole lot of line off the reel in no time at all, that or just snap your line. The smooth multi-disk drag system included here is highly adjustable and reliable.

You can set the drag to work just right for you, the conditions you are in, and the type of fish you are targeting. It should allow you to provide the fish with an ideal amount of resistance so it does not get away and pull out your line too much, while also ensuring that it does not snap the line.

The Brake System

Another beneficial feature that you get with this particular baitcasting reel is the 4 pin centrifugal braking system. This is yet another important feature that every good baitcaster needs to come with.

The brake system here is quite reliable, as all you need is a single finger to apply a constant amount of pressure to the line and the reel itself.

This goes a long way in controlling the speed and distance at which you can cast at, not to mention the accuracy of your cast as well. Baitcasting can be a bit tricky, but at least the brake included here helps stop your line from getting tangled up, especially when it is windy out.

The brake system for the Ambassadeur 6500s is easy to use, fairly reliable, and helps to increase casting accuracy, while decreasing tangled line mishaps. This brake system allows for far casting without mishaps.

An Ergonomic & Lightweight Design

Something that many people will probably be able to appreciate about this baitcasting reel is the fact that it is quite compact, lightweight, and features an overall ergonomically friendly design. It is built to be especially small and compact.

This does mean that it is easier to maneuver with, plus it cuts down on the weight which you have to support. At the same time, the handle is specially bent so you can easily use it.

The only drawback to the relatively short handles is that it takes more effort to crank the reel and pull your fish back in.


One big benefit that you get with this reel is that it is very durable. This thing is made of high quality stainless steel that can handle a whole lot of tension and resistance. Everything that can be made of metal here is made of metal.

The steel here is resistant to corrosion, which is important seeing as this reel is meant mainly for saltwater fishing. It might not be the number one most durable baitcasting reel, but it definitely holds its own, even when harsh days and big fish are concerned.

The Gears & Bearings

Something that we do like about this particular baitcasting reel is that it is meant to be very smooth. It features stainless steel ball bearings that work quite smoothly. For one, this means that you can cast fairly far with this thing and you don’t even have to put much effort into it to get a lot of distance out of it.

Second, this also means that there should not be too much tension or resistance due to friction when you are reeling your fish in. Now, personally, we do like to have a higher number of ball bearings than 2, mainly because more ball bearings usually translate to further casting and smoother cranking.

However, the limited amount of bearings here do come with the advantage of less moving parts. The less moving parts there are in a baitcaster, the smaller the chances of one of those moving parts breaking.

This item does come with a 5 to 1 gear ratio, which is very good. This means that for every turn you make with the handle, quite a bit of line gets pulled in. In other words, a high gear ratio translates to less work for you and less fatigued arm muscles.

It’s not the highest gear ratio out there, but it is certainly not the lowest either. In terms of reeling in big and small fish, the gear ratio here is quite ideal.

Left & Right Handed

This might not be the most important of all features, but it is worth mentioning none the less. This reel comes in both left handed and right handed models, which is admittedly quite convenient.

Line & Capacity

When it comes to the line, the Ambassadeur 6500s is compatible with many different kinds and sizes of line, plus with many different baits too. It is more than ideal for crankbaits and other such baits which require a lot of accuracy and distance to use properly.

In terms of the line capacity, this model can hold up to 255 yards of line, which is quite impressive if we do say so ourselves. If you expect to fit this much line on it, you need to use 17 pound line.

In other words, this reel is designed for big, thick, and heavy lines, the lines needed to reel in those big fish that love to fight. This whole thing is meant for heavy rods, big fish, and very strong test lines.

The Level-Wind System

The final feature of the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500s that we want to mention is the level wind system. This is a feature that many baitcasting reels come with, but really they all should.

This is a mechanism which distributes the line evenly when you are retrieving it. This helps to avoid one side of the reel having all the line, with not line on the other side of the reel. This mechanism also helps to stop fishing line from getting tangled upon retrieval.


  • Ergonomically friendly.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Great drag and break systems.
  • Allows for long distance casting.
  • Ideal for big baits and heavy lines.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings for smooth casting and easy retrieval.
  • Good gear ratio for quick cranking and line retrieval.
  • Fairly high level of overall durability – resistant to corrosion.


  • Short handles do increase retrieval time a bit.
  • Makes weird noises after prolonged use.
  • Needs lots of maintenance and oiling.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

An Alternative

Let’s take a quick look at an alternative to the Abu Garcia 6500s. The model we want to mention is the KastKing Speed Demon reel.

The main advantage that comes with the Speed Demon is that it has a whopping 9.3 to 1 gear ratio, which is almost twice as much as the Abu Garcia.

It does also have way more ball bearings, which helps to increase distance casts as well as decrease retrieval speed, but they are known to break down.

While the Abu Garcia seemingly does not have quite as good a gear ratio, brake system, or drag system as the Speed Demon, the Speed Demon is not nearly as durable and long lasting as the Abu Garcia. Also, the Speed Demon cannot handle quite as heavy a line as the Abu Garcia.

You can check out the KastKing Speed Demon on Amazon here


The bottom line is that the Abu Garcia 6500s is a solid choice to go with. Yes, it does have a couple of minor drawbacks, but overall it is quite the catch. It has many useful features, it is very strong and durable, and it allows for long distance and accurate casting. In terms of baitcasters, this is one of the better options out there right now.