10 Best Places To Fish In Alaska

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There is no denying the fact that Alaska is a beautiful place to be. It features a serene environment with tons of wilderness and wildlife and so much nature to see. If you like peace and quiet, Alaska is the place to be. Of course, there are a lot of rivers and lakes in Alaska, not to mention thousands and thousands of miles of ocean front too.

So, this makes Alaska quite the hotspot for pro anglers. Yes, Alaska is cold, it is harsh, and often very unforgiving. Many areas of Alaska are not places you go on your own and they certainly are not very accessible for the everyday man.

However, due to the fact that there are not many people here and not too many tourists, there are some awesome fishing spots which are virtually untouched. In Alaska, you will find many fish species in many areas, most of which many fisherman from the continental USA never visit.


10 Best Fishing Spots In Alaska

At any rate, if you feel like venturing into the wilderness that is Alaska, especially for fishing, there are some awesome spots to visit. Let’s talk about the 10 best places to fish in Alaska right now.

1. Northern Brooks Range – Arctic Char

If you want to catch some killer arctic char, those really mean looking fish with some big old teeth, the Northern Brooke Range is a great place to be. This remote area is in Northern Alaska and the rivers here all drain out into the Arctic Ocean. Now, this area is not easily accessible at all and you will most likely be stuck to one area, one area of the river that actually has road access.

Now, with that being said, here you will find some massive Arctic Char, not to mention that the scenery is absolutely beautiful. Most people like to use floats to maneuver this area of the river and it offers great fishing for both spinning reel fisherman and for fly fishing too. If you do want to explore the other fishing spots near the Northern Brooks Range, you will need to rent yourself a float plane.

2. Kodiak Island – Coho Salmon

Kodiak Island is a decent tourist destination in Alaska. Of course, it is very remote, so you will only be getting there by airplane or boat, but it is well worth it. Sure, you can use your own boat to navigate your way to and through the rivers on Kodiak Island, but it is advised to hire a charter to steer you along the way, as some of the rivers are hard to access and others are hard to navigate.

There are some river parts accessible by road, but like anything else in Alaska, they are not easy to come by. This is not a place where you want to get stuck out in the cold. There is a reason it is called Kodiak Island, and it is definitely not due to a lack of Kodiak bears. On a side note, bringing protection against bear attacks is definitely recommended here.

On Kodiak Island, Coho Salmon is what you will find most of. They might not be as big as other Salmon types, but they put up a heck of a fight, plus on Kodiak Island they are present in large numbers, especially during spawning season.

3. Brooks Range – Lake Trout

If you want to do some lake fishing, and you want to catch some true monster fish, Brooks Range is a good place to fish in Alaska. Here you will find big lake trout, like seriously huge lake trout. Now, it is not usually considered one of the best trout fishing spots in the USA, but for Alaska, if you want lake trout, this is the place to be.

Due to the fact that Brooks Range, which consists of several lakes, is fairly untouched, fish are present in large numbers here, and due to this, they are also quite big. One thing to note here is that Brooks Range is a mountain range, so you probably will not be driving there.

You will need to charter a flight to gain access to this spectacular area. Just don’t expect too many lodgings to be here, but during spawning season, you will definitely see wolves and bears all coming in for some fish dinner. If you want to catch bit lake trout, June and July are the months to visit Brooks Range.

4. Kenai River – King Salmon

If you want to fish for some King Salmon, the serious big boys, Kenai River is the place to be. Here during the spawning season, the river is absolutely teeming with large King Salmon. Now, there are not as many as there once were, due to many factors, but there are still plenty to go around. It’s not uncommon to catch 15 or 20 in a single day, plus it is not uncommon for these King Salmon to weigh up to 50 pounds.

What many people like about Kenai River is that it is fairly accessible. You don’t really need to charter a flight to get here, but you definitely want a solid boat and some good winter clothes. With that being said, this area is not untouched by far, which is due to the fact that it is quite accessible.

You will want to head out onto the river early in the morning and find a good spot where not many people frequent, as there will be plenty of boats out during peak season.

5. Bristol Bay – Rainbow Trout

When it comes to fishing for massive rainbow trout, you will find no better place in Alaska than Bristol Bay. Beware that this area is very remote and it is hard to access. You will need to charter a plane or boat to get here. There is simply no getting around this.

Bristol Bay is not really accessible by car at all. What is good however is that there are plenty of lodgings and accommodations here, so it does make a good place for a week-long trip.

Actually, Bristol Bay is also an excellent spot to fish for Salmon, of which there are thousands, and they get pretty big too. However, rainbow trout is the real catch here.

This is because during the spawning season for Salmon, rainbow trout gorge on salmon eggs, making them seriously big and fat. If you want to catch tons of rainbow trout, using egg pattern baits is the best way to go about it.

6. Southeast Alaska – Steelhead

There is a big diehard steelhead fishing community in Alaska and it is mostly located in Southeastern Alaska. What is pretty convenient about this area is that you can get there on your own. There are some roads which can be driven. However, if navigation is not your thing, you can still charter some rides to this area, which might be the better way to go.

The panhandle of southeast Alaska is a perfect place to fish for steelhead fish. Here you can find steelheads up to 30 pounds as they live in the ocean and have plenty of food to eat. Keep in mind that these fish are tough and they love to fight, so you do need to have some really tough and strong gear to catch these fish.

Steelhead fishing is not for the beginner or for the faint of heart, but it certainly does provide for one heck of a challenge.

7. The Denali Highway – Arctic Grayling

The Denali Highway makes its way through the Southern range of Alaska. One reason many people love to fish along this highway is because it is of course easily accessible. It is a highway and is therefore perfect for automobile travel.

There are tons of smaller streams, rivers, and small lakes along this highway, all of which are easily accessible by car and are loaded with fish. You can travel the highway and set up camp along various parts of it, fishing wherever you see fit.

The rivers and streams here are often very shallow and fairly slow moving, plus they are loaded to the brim with Arctic Grayling. Here you will want to bring along a lot of bug spray, especially in the spring and summer, or else the mosquitos will put an end to your fun.

With that being said, with a good fly fishing setup, you will catch literally dozens and dozens of Arctic Graylings in a single day.

8. Afognak Wilderness Lodge – Saltwater Fishing Of All Kinds

The Afognak Wilderness Lodge is a prime fishing location in Alaska and the best time to go is during the summer thaw. Well, to be fair, if you go fishing in Alaska, the 2 or 3 months of summer is really the only time you can go, unless you want to freeze to death.

At any rate, this place is just a short plane ride from Kodiak Island, making it fairly accessible. With that being said, you definitely will not be driving here on your own.

If ocean fishing and deep sea fishing is your thing, the Afognak Wilderness Lodge is the place to be. Here you will find all kinds of fish depending on the time of year.

The fish that you will find here are often very large due to the fact that the ocean provides them with an awesome feasting ground all year long. In these waters you will find silver and sockeye salmon, rockfish, Lingcod, and tons of halibut too.

9. Kobuk River – Sheefish

Sheefish might not be very common, nor are they fished for too often. Well, this might have something to do with the fact that outside of Alaska, you cannot really find these fish at all. With that being said, this area is home to thousands of sheefish and they can easily reach 30 or 40 pounds in size, making it a good spot if you want to catch some true monster fish.

It is in fact the largest species of whitefish in all of Alaska and is severely underrated as a game fish. These fish don’t fight quite as hard as most others, but they definitely like to bite if you have the right bait on the hook. Kobuk River is decently accessible, with a couple of roads, and lots of float out and flying options too.

10. Innoko River – Northern Pike

The Innoko River, which is a part of the Southern Yukon River, is a great place to fish for Northern Pike. Here you will find dozens of Northern Pike on a daily basis and they can reach up to 30 or 35 pounds. It’s a good place to be if you want to catch big fish.

Remember that pike are big fighting fish, so you will need the right gear. Also, this area is not easily accessible and if you are a DIY guy, you might end up spending a fortune. Here it is best to charter your way out.

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As you can see, although Alaska is tough and remote, it makes for an absolutely excellent State to fish in. Yes, there are lots of bears other predators to be weary of. There is also the imminent danger with Mother Nature poses, but the fact of the matter remains the same. Alaska is one of the best fishing destinations in the world, albeit a little chilly.

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